911 tape: Woman raped because there are no police available

Abusive ex breaking into home, woman calls 911, police tell her to ask him to go away. She was raped and beaten. Police never showed up.. August 18th 2012, Josephine County Oregon. A woman calls 911 because her ex boyfriend is outside her home trying to break in. He had recently beaten her and put h...More

Pitbull raped pillow and hold three black man hostage for two hours

Pitbull holds three guys hostage (hilarious commentary) NSFW. The dog just walked in the house! Andre pushed the dog back with pillow dog take pillow and stayed on the pouch for two hours! this just part one to three, will put others up when i get time. this was crazy!

Fox News guest blames Missouri teen: 'I'm not saying she deserved to be raped but...'

The Fox News Channel may have taken its "Fair and Balanced" motto a little too far on Thursday when it invited criminal defense attorney Joseph DiBenedetto to make case for why an alleged rape victim was asking to be assaulted. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/10/17/fox-news-guest-blames-missouri-te...More

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