Breaking Bad // Pulp Fiction

Visual Parallels between Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction. The influence of Quentin Tarantino in Vince Gilligan.

An Afternoon with Pinky and The Brain: Pinky and The Brain vs Pulp Fiction (SF Sketchfest)

The voices of Pinky and the Brain do Pulp Fiction.. Rob Paulsen (Pinky) and Maurice LaMarche (The Brain) take on the Pulp Fiction hitmen as Pinky and The Brain as host Cole Stratton looks on at "An Afternoon with Pinky and The Brain." Recorded live at the 12th Annual SF Sketchfest, the San Francisc...More

8-Bit Pulp Fiction

Take one of the best movies of all time and combine it with the best console of all time.

Pulpy Days - Pulp Fiction/Happy Days Mashup

Here is the intro for the 1995 TV pilot, Pulpy Days. The Pulp Fiction/Happy Days crossover ended up being one of the TV pilots that didn't get picked to make more shows and became nothing. Co-edited by the very talented Darrin Fullerton:

Samuel L. Jackson Recites His Pulp Fiction Speech

Jules Winnfield returns after 20 years when Samuel L. Jackson recites his "Ezekiel 25:17" speech on

PULP FICTION In 20 Seconds


9 Pulp Fiction Facts

20 years later and we still can't get enough. Here's nine facts only the most rabid

Daft Pulp

Daft Pulp. I double-dare you!

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