Why Props Matter

A look at the hidden power of film props. And how filmmakers use the everyday (and not so everyday) objects in their scenes to enhance cinematic storytelling. Written, edited, & narrated by Rishi Kaneria (@rishikaneria). Music from: “Baba O Riley” by the Who “Kid-A” by Punch Brother...More

Man Throws My Props While Performing; He Did it For the Children

Man bullies performance artist.. If you want to see what happened next: http://www.maninwhitedress.com/?p=2600 I was performing at Union Square, I had a good crowd, it was close to when I was stopping. A man without communicating, starts kicking my props. He doesn't stop, and then throws my kart. ...More

New halloween props for 2014

Two new halloween props I built this year, a zombie garage and a clown in a box. A few kids cried, it was great!. I set up a rear projection zombie garage and built a "Clown box"

Gettin Props at City Hall

This guy can really shred!. Another great session last Thursday, got lots of encouragement from passers by!

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