Going To Prison For Being Poor. Private probation companies charge excessive fees to low income people who can't pay small fines like traffic tickets. If they can't pay, they go to jail. SUBSCRIBE: HOST A SCREENING: http://www.braven...More

How The School to Prison Pipeline Ruins Lives Before They Start • BRAVE NEW FILMS: JUSTICE #2

When a kid gets in trouble at school, we used to send them to the principal's office. Now, we're suspending, expelling or even arresting kids for the smallest misbehaviors. This trend is called the School-To-Prison pipeline. WATCH MORE:

Judge Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison for "Selling" Kids to Private Prisons

Judge sent to prison for 28 years, For taking bribes to send kids to private prisons. **HELP SPREAD THIS VIDEO AND MESSAGE!** Links to everything I talked about in this video:

Queens Man Gets Life In Prison for Girlfriend's Murder

Remember the woman from Kentucky in the "How people in NY react to boobs" video? Two days after the video was uploaded, her daughter was murdered in New York. The victim's family called Jason Bohn a bully and a coward. CBS 2's Steve Langford has more. Official Site: http://newyork.cbsloc...More

How to Avoid Rape in Prison - Men's

How to Avoid Rape in Prison - Men's (2015) - One of two new orientation videos being shown to new inmates in New York State..

Judge Freaks Out in Court: "I Hope You Die in Prison!"

Judge Freaks Out in Court: "I Hope You Die in Prison!". A 31-year-old woman will spend the rest of her life in prison without the possibility of parole in the murder of her boyfriend in their Jackson apartment. reports that Jackson County Circuit Judge John McBain told Ca...More

Jesse Williams Fights To Keep Young Men of Color Off The Prison Superhighway

Jesse Williams champions the Sons & Brothers Campaign and works tirelessly to help out young men of color.

Norwegian Prison

Fair Use Doctrine. CONFIRMED BY TIME MAGAZINE (With Statistics) @rocaho001 The reoffenders rate in Norway is much less than the U.S.,9171,1986002,00.html America's standard of living is very low. This prison has a higher standard of living than I d...More

Ali Siddiq - Prison Riot - This Is Not Happening - Uncensored

Comedian and former convict tells funny story about preparing for a prison riot. In this extended clip, Ali Siddiq finds himself in a tough spot when he realizes that he's completely unprepared for an impending prison riot. New episodes of This Is Not Happening air Thursdays at 12:30am/11:30c. The...More

Ricky Jackson freed from prison after 39 years for wrongful murder conviction

Ricky Jackson freed from prison after 39 years for wrongful murder conviction. Ricky Jackson became a free man after 39 years in prison when Judge Richard McMonagle threw out his conviction on a 1975 murder at a Cleveland grocery store based on a lie by then 12-year-old Eddie Vernon. Vernon recante...More

Rummu, Sovjet time prison camp transformed into epic beach and dive site!

Abandoned Soviet prison quarry in Estonia. This is Rummu, an abandoned Sovjet prison and forced labor open mine located in Estonia. Underground waters flooded the quarry and the place went from being a horrible punishment facility to becoming one of the most exotic and strange beaches ever seen. Lo...More

How To Make Prison Style Sweet and Sour Pork With Andy Roy

How To Make Prison Style Sweet and Sour Pork with Andy Roy. Subscribe to Munchies here: You learn something new everyday, and if you weren't locked up in Pelican Bay State Prison in the early 2000s, then today you are going to learn how to mak...More

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