Pot Quiz – 4/20 Edition

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' ambushed potheads with tax questions on 4/20. Marijuana is legal in California, as long as you have a prescription. You don’t have to have a medical problem, you just have to have a prescription. So, from time-to-time we head out to Venice Beach, where enthusiasts have been kno...More

One Pot Pasta

So I tried the one-pot pasta recipe. I'm always skeptical when it comes to viral recipes I come across on Facebook, but this one looked pretty good. Verdict? DELICIOUS!! Ingredients Andouille sausage - I used Johnsonville 2pk sliced Garlic 4-6 cloves thinly sliced Whole onion - cut in half and sli...More

Grandma Ate A Pot Cookie

Grandma ate a pot cookie.. Take a medical marijuana facility, pot cookies, and Grandma...what do you get? a hilariously high grandma who thought she was having a stroke or heart attack at first...then discovered her hidden potential. Like the man in limitless she thought she became smarter, like a w...More


Welcome to Australia. Hope you packed some spare undies.. FULL DVD AVAILABLE - http://WWW.THEGALLBOYS.COM JOIN US AT - https://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/THEGALLBOYS Practical joke on the brother Dave. With all the crab pots getting ripped up by big crocs, tied a fake Croc head to a pot and waited till Da...More

MARK RUFFALO: Smoking Pot Onstage! (The Graham Norton Show)

Mark Ruffalo tells the story of how he was tricked into smoking a blunt onstage during opening night of his new play.. Watch an exclusive SNEAK PEEK from an all new episode of THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW before the U.S. Premiere *** Saturday, July 14 at 11pm/10c *** With must-see guests: MARK RUFFALO, hi...More

Pot Pig

Seattle-based butcher William von Schneidau is giving us the munchies with his marijuana-infused bacon. As the owner of BB Ranch Meats, William has been experimenting with meats for a while and somehow came up with the idea to feed his pigs left over pot from a local medical marijuana shop.

Barry Cooper: Watch Kops Murder Marine--No Pot Found

U.S. Marine shot 71 times in marijuana raid. 4yo and wife was home. NO DRUGS FOUND. Watch Kops Murder Marine--No Pot Found Live callers are consulted by Expert Witness and nationally recognized activist, Barry Cooper, regarding their recent arrest, law enforcement encounter or court case. Barry and ...More

MUNCHIES Presents: Interview with a REAL Pot Dealer

As the owner of Soy—the only Turkish company making copper and silver pots and pans completely by hand—Emir Ali Enç is responsible for everything from sourcing raw materials and meeting with international distributors to getting his hands dirty in the workshop when production needs to speed up....More

The Voice Norge 2013 - Kristian Kristensen - "The Pot"

Man sings Tool's "The Pot" on Norway's The Voice and totally nails it. The Voice Norge 2013 (01/11-13) Kristian Kristensen vs Heidi Solheim (Siste knock out før livesendingene. Kristian gikk videre) Kristian fremfører "The Pot" av Tool. Rettighetene tilhører TV2. (Tv2.no)

Pot Shop - Macklemore Thrift Shop Parody

Pot Shop - Macklemore Thrift Shop Parody - YouTube. Written and Performed by Steve Berke, featuring Towelie and David King Cain Free download at facebook.com/steveberkecomedy Please sign the petition: http://bit.ly/VF51tZ Directed by Brian Hunting, Devin Hunting, Steve Berke Starring: Sexy Sax M...More

Have You Ever Smoked Pot?

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Have You Ever Smoked Pot?

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