No Police Brutality Here!!

crazy guy gets tazed and barley flinches. Guy goes crazy in parking lot and then enters and trashes restaurant. Police are called for help. This video is posted in response to another video that was posted earlier only showing the last few minutes of this escapade. They're claiming police brutal...More

Ohio Police Officer Refuses to Shoot Suspect Asking to Be Shot 'Shoot Me!' |BODY CAM FULL VIDEO

Officer shows incredible restraint when suspect charges him... 'I don't wanna shoot you man' Ohio cop refuses to open fire on murder suspect begging to be shot: 'I Wanted to Be Absolutely Sure', New Richmond Police Officer Jesse Kidder Refuses to shoot man asking to be shot (full video). This is How...More

Mental patient Jason Harrison shot by Dallas police

New Body cam footage shows officers gun down mentally ill man holding screwdriver. This video shows the June 14, 2014 fatal shooting of mental patient Jason Harrison, 38, who was shot while holding a screwdriver after his mother called 911 for help bringing him to Parkland Hospital while he was in a...More

911 tape: Woman raped because there are no police available

Abusive ex breaking into home, woman calls 911, police tell her to ask him to go away. She was raped and beaten. Police never showed up.. August 18th 2012, Josephine County Oregon. A woman calls 911 because her ex boyfriend is outside her home trying to break in. He had recently beaten her and put h...More

#BaltimoreRiots: Cars set on fire, Police and Rioters clash in Baltimore

Awesome highlight video of Tim Pool in Baltimore last night. This guy gets himself into some dangerous situations.. Breaking News Clip: We checked out a car fire at North and Fulton in the Baltimore Riots. The scene was chaotic. Twitter - Facebook -

Dashcam Footage of Cottonwood, AZ WalMart Brawl With Police

A good ol' fashioned Walmart brawl. Eight officers and a Walmart employee were assaulted in a Cottonwood parking lot Saturday night in a fight that left one suspect dead, another wounded and seven in custody, officials said.

Confronting racism at police brutality protest #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

One Example of the Ridiculous Double Standards of Racism Between Caucasians and "People of Color". Should you confront racism on the street when you see it? Should you try to understand it or let it go? Get the most important book ever for free in every format including audiobook at: http...More

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (9/10) Movie CLIP - Maybe This'll Help (1988) HD

The best negotiation ever.. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) trades bribes with a dock worker. FILM DESCRIPTION: ...More

Students block Sather Gate to protest police brutality, express campus climate concerns

Bored, entitled SJW college students at Berkley decide preventing other students from getting to class is a good idea.. A group of about 50 students and some community members gathered at Sather Gate on Tuesday, protesting police brutality and what they called a hostile campus atmosphere for the und...More

Racism and Police targeting in Ferguson and St Louis County.

This is a really good explanation of why Ferguson, MO is so unstable right now and why it's going to get worse.. Residents in STLC feel targeted, and after what we heard from the DoJ it's not surprising in the least. Evidence of racism was found in emails between court officials and members of the F...More

Broward terminal Police slaps man

SLAP!. Cop pushes man down and slaps him

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