Man Balances on BB-8 Droid and Plays Star Wars on Flame Shooting Bagpipes

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Benjamin Grosvenor plays Horowitz Stars and Stripes; strategic disruptions by David Gray

This is the musical equivalent of having an asshole for a brother. Impromptu performance in a London practice-room (2010). Benjamin plays the original Horowitz transcription, and David improvises using the remaining keys...

2year old plays the pretender by Foo Fighters

2 year old plays the drums to "Pretender" by the Foo Fighters.. Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - Jaxon playing Foo Fighters

5-Year-Old JP Gibson Plays for the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz signed 5yr old JP Gibson who was diagnosed with Leukemia to a one day contract, and here he is dunking on his opponent. Gibson, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2012, was in uniform and joined the Jazz on the bench for tonight’s open scrimmage

Dog plays table tennis

Dog plays ping pong with his owner. He's better than me at this stuff

Guy Plays Table Tennis Every Day for a Year

Guy plays table tennis every day for a year.. - The Expert in a Year Challenge follows the progress of novice table tennis player Sam Priestley, as he attempts to go from beginner to expert in just one year and break into the top 250 players in England. The challenge is...More

Jim Plays A Christmas Prank On Dwight // The Office US

Jim Plays A Christmas Prank On Dwight // The Office US. Jim Plays A Christmas Prank On Dwight // The Office US SUBSCRIBE: Another CLASSIC Jim vs Dwight prank... HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Watch 'Classy Christmas' on Google Play now: Watch out for the 12 Days of ...More

My dryer plays a ridiculously long song.

My dryer plays a ridiculously long song when you open the door. [x-post from r/mildlyinteresting]. See title

UMD Chapel plays Imperial March

University of Maryland Chapel plays Imperial March for April Fool's Day [0:41]. April Fools prank by the University of Maryland at the Memorial Chapel.

Robber plays dead as store owner points a gun at his head

Store robber plays dead. Who said it works only against animals ? This store robber proves playing dead is an exceptional skill that you can master.

Man on the street plays beautifully

Homeless man who's lived on the streets 30 years sits down at a piano and plays a beautiful melody that he wrote. Ryan, a man who has been living on the street for 30 years plays the piano outside in downtown Edmonton, in Churchill Square, no one taught him to play, he just could.

Morris Plays Eminem at Grandma's House

My grandma went to sleep, so all my friend and I had to entertain ourselves with was this organ.

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