Foxes - Don't Stop Me Now (Dr Who Performance)

Jazz cover of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now by Foxes from a Doctor Who episode. Foxes cover of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now from Dr Who Download Foxes' debut album 'Glorious' from iTunes here: SUBSCRIBE for more videos here: - - - - - - - - ...More

Cameron Monaghan as Jerome a.k.a. THE JOKER in GOTHAM? - Outstanding Performance

Li'l Joker (Gotham) The perfect mix of Nicholson and Ledger. Cameron Monaghan as Jerome a.k.a. THE JOKER in GOTHAM? - Outstanding Performance

Ma Yan Yan - An awesome magic ballet performance at Amazing Chinese 2014

Where does she keep it all..... Ma Yan Yan has combined magic and ballet to be an amazing show at Amazing Chinese 2014

Evil Elmo Karaoke Performance

I won a local karaoke competition by performing Drowning Pool "bodies" in the voice of Elmo. Enjoy!. Stuart at his best...

I Test Drive the Ferrari 599 GTB, 620hp of Performance and Comfort

A VERY italian Ferrari owner lets someone drive his car and urges him to floor it at every opportunity.. I jump onboard the Ferrari 599 GTB for a test drive with my friend (and owner) Stefano " Secondotestomale ", who kindly provided me the key to his Ferrari. During my drive I unleash the 620hp out...More

Boeing's 787-9 Dreamliner very impressive performance Farnborough Airshow 2014

Boeing yesterday Steals the show again.Almost vertical takeoff, banked turn and unreal short landing. Watch for very steep almost vertical thirty degree takeoff. 60 degree banked turn and unbelievable short landing. You wouldn't think an airliner can do this! The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is a slight...More

Japanese Performance Art Troupe Enra Shows Off Their Latest Creation With Dance And Light

Japanese dancers using lights in their performance is hypnotizing.

EveryThing Is Awesome - Oscars 2015 Performance - The Lonely Island

Oscars 2015 EveryThing Is Awesome Music Performance - The Lonely Island

ChaNDelier Live Performance (NDtv)

Produced by Nick Lindstrom and NDtv studios at the University of Notre Dame feat. Henry Long and "Chandelier" by Sia We do not own this song. We just wish we did.

Hubbard's Gt. Grandson, Jamie DeWolf - Powerful Performance (HD)

Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard's Gt. Grandson Jamie DeWolf speaks up.. Brilliant and powerful clip of L. Ron Hubbard's great Grandson, Jamie DeWolf, filmed in 2011. This clip is from the upcoming film "Drama Momma". Visit the Snap Judgement site here: Jamie DeWolf's excell...More

Little boy's amazing piano performance is inspirational

Random little kid shows up and after a brief warm up kills it on the piano.. Little boy's amazing piano performance is inspirational! I found this video on creative commons and just had to share with fellow music lovers.

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