Pastor Punches Kid in the Chest

Pastor openly admits to punching kid in the chest. Pastor tells his congregation a story of how he punched a kid in the chest and brought him to the Lord.

US Pastor Gets Mind Blown in Atheistic Europe!

US Pastor Gets Mind Blown in Atheistic Europe. Excerpt from the documentary series "The Norden". American pastor Marty McLain visits the secular Nordic countries. What role does religion have in the Nordic society? How do the Nordic people relate to God, faith and spirituality? How does it differ fr...More

Pastor Suspended for Performing Gay Wedding

A United Methodist pastor was convicted under church law of officiating at his son's same-sex wedding and suspended for 30 days. Rev. Frank Schaefer was told he'll lose his credentials if he doesn't follow church law. (Nov. 20) . video,daily news,latest news, online schools,online colleges,masters d...More

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