Josh Thomas takes Bob Katter to task over his past comments on homosexuality

Comedian Josh Thomas takes federal MP Bob Katter to task over his response to a Q&A audience member's question that his "reluctance to address homosexuals as well as their civil rights is quite detrimental to their mental health".

A visit from Saturn: What if Saturn went past the Earth

What Saturn would look like if it approached Earth.. Trivia: Saturn's rings were created using Voyager data and Cassini Data, and tables from the IAU, and nasa Interestingly enough, the voyager data and Cassini data did Not completely match each other, More interestingly the differences between the...More

The Motion Picture Camera: Past, Present and Future

A stunning tribute to the history of the motion picture camera.

How X-Men: Days of Future Past Should Have Ended

Watch More HISHEs: Subscribe to HISHE: Days of Future Past finally gets a HISHE Thanks for watching! Get some HISHE Gear over at: Like us on Facebook

Zo past de iPhone 6 Plus wél in je broekzak!

This way the iPhone 6+ DOES fit in your pockets!. Zijn jouw jeans al iPhone 6 Plus-proof? Vergroot je broekzak naar Pocket Plus.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer 3

The X-Men go back to past of the future to save the present from the something that happens before (or something thereof) in the third and final trailer for

The illusion of time : past, present and future all exist together

This video blew my mind, it explains how the past present and the future are all happening at the same time. - The illusion of time : past, present and future all exist together. Please keep in mind that new, extended video without sync issue available here:

X-Men Days of Future Past- Kitchen Slo-Mo Scene 720p HD

Probably one of my favorite scenes in any movie. Just an EPIC scene from an EPIC movie. I'm a big x-men fan,so i would like to know who your fav x-men is. Mine is Wolverine. Enjoy :) I do not own the clip,all the rights go to it's owners.

Quicksilver Scene HD 1080p - X-Men Days of Future Past

Easily one of the best scenes in X-Men DOFP from one of the most unexpected 'heroes'.. Quicksilver slow motion scene from X-Men Days of Future Past in full HD 1080p

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Trailer 2

The X-Men laugh all over the theory of relativity to travel back in time to fight side-by-side with their younger selves to save all of us in the future - and this is just the second trailer.

Nobel Prizes: Past, Present... and Future? | It's Okay to be Smart | PBS Digital Studios

The controversial history, present and future of the Nobel Prizes SUBSCRIBE, it's FREE! ↓ More below ↓ The Nobel Prizes reward the greatest accomplishments of the human race. Right? Then why haven't they changed much in 100+ years? Do they really represent how science i...More

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