The Long Game Part 3: Painting in the Dark

A brand new video essay for 2016! "Painting in the Dark: The Struggle for Art in A World Obsessed with Popularity" is the long overdue follow up to the Long Game Parts 1 & 2 which looked at the creative ups and downs of Leonardo da Vinci. In this new video essay, I've taken a look at the forg...More

Yamaha R6 Stolen from Apartment Complex Part 2

Crosspost from r/motorcycles for visibility. Yamaha R6 Stolen. Mission, KS. Video Footage. 5/1/15 4:07PM. Footage of my neighbor's bike being stolen in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday. Mission, KS.

Unfinished London - Episode 3 (part 1)

Why London has so many airports?. The history of every airport in London, including some that have disappeared, and some that don't really count .

Easy Cheese 3D Printer: Part III, The Leaning Tower of Cheeza

Easy Cheese 3D Printer: Part III, The Leaning Tower of Cheeza. Scrumptious. Autographed can of Easy Cheese:

First and Final Frames Part II

After numerous requests, I finally decided to create a sequel to "First and Final Frames". Part II plays the opening and closing shots of 70 films side-by-side. Like the first video, some of the opening shots are strikingly similar to the final shots, while others are vastly different--both servin...More

Joe Goes To THAILAND (Part 1)

Joe Goes To THAILAND. I interview Thai people in Bangkok! SUBSCRIBE: Watch more "Joe Goes" - New videos every Wednesday & Thursday. Shot by Mark Murphy - Follow Joe on Twitter:

What You Wish Would Happen on Game of Thrones (Part 2)

Your Game of Thrones wishes brought to life -- just in time for George Martin to kill them. See more LIKE us on: FOLLOW us on: FOLLOW us on: Subscribe to our new c...More

Easy Cheese 3D Printer: Part II, The Interface

Easy Cheese 3D Printer: Part II, The Interface. This week's progress. Autographed can of Easy Cheese for sale:

Spearfishing and Dolphins - Bahamas Part 3 (Ted's HoldOver)

Guy goes swimming with dolphins while wearing a mono-fin. Dolphins loose there shit.. Part 1 : Part 2: Full Series with write-up on my Website: This...More

True Hollywood Stories - Rick James Part 1 | Chappelle's Show

Comedy Central just uploaded Chappelle's Show's True Hollywood Stories - Rick James Part 1. True Hollywood Stories - Rick James Part 1 | Chappelle's Show Watch as Charlie Murphy talks about his encounter with Rick James. Subscribe to Comedy Central: More Chappelle's Show: C...More

Video Game Music Mashups : Part 1

Take twenty classic video game tunes. Combine slowly, stirring until smooth. Leave to set on the windowsill. Serve with a side of sliced up game-play footage. Enjoy. Please leave music suggestions for future mixes in the comments below. I'll see what I can do. :) Galaga Contra - Jungle Theme ...More

Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2 (w/Jimmy Fallon & Michelle Obama)

In honor of the 5-year anniversary of Let's Move!, Jimmy and the First Lady perform Part 2 of "The Evolution of Mom Dancing." Find out more about Let's Move! here: Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show Starri...More

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