40 Year Old 3D Computer Graphics (Pixar, 1972)

In 1972 Ed Catmull (founder of Pixar) and his colleagues created the world's first 3D rendered movie, an animated version of Ed's left hand. This is the film that they produced. It includes some "making of" footage (around 1:30) and some other early experiments. Read more at http://nerdplusart.com/?...More

My son(5year old) acting Bruce Lee's Nunchaku scene

From Game Of Death my son(Ryusei) is a huge Bruce Lee from Japan

The old jump and swing, your dog can't do this!

Ever seen a dog with it's own swing set?. This dog a few houses down has his very own swing set and makes great use of it!


A scumbag on Chatroulette. How is this guy even allowed to have kids?. ABUSE ON CHAT ROULETTE! In this Chat Roulette video, a 5 year old kid is being told to swear at me by his father... WOW CHECK ME OUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA HERE: ►Twitter - http://goo.gl/IQgIBU ►Instagram - http://goo.gl/NIRHax ►...More

Old Man

For more then 20 years Charles Manson has refused to communicate to the outside world. Until now. These are actual never before heard phone conversations between Canadian best selling author Marlin Marynick and Charles Manson. ________________________ Directed/Produced/Animated/Edited by Leah Sh...More

Justin Wong (wazzler15) vs 8 year old - ROFL

Pro Gamer vs an 8 year old kid on Mortal Kombat. So wrong, but so funny.

My 89 Year Old Father Tells Another Dirty Joke

My 89 Year Old Dad Tells Another Dirty Joke. My dad, who will be 90 in October, has never forgotten a joke!

Gold Rush Alaska Supercut (How Old Is Parker Schnabel?)

How Old Is Parker Schnabel?. Gold Rush Alaska Supercut (How Old Is Parker Schnabel?) Directed / Edited by Diran Lyons Co-written by Diran Lyons / Vrüden Jakov Remix Category: Supercut "Gold Rush Alaska Supercut (How Old Is Parker Schnabel?)" highlights the Discovery Channel's overly repetitious na...More

Parents can't keep 12 year old out of the shower and found out why.

Parents can't keep 12 year old out of the shower and found out why.. Ever since we installed a shower head with a blue tooth speaker Logan has been taking twice as many showers as normal. We found out why.

Old Spice Werbung - Kartoffelchips!!!

Terry Crews' Old Spice commercial is slightly frightening in German. Das POWER Deo von Old Spice verleiht unfrischen Männer legendäres Selbstbewusstsein. Old Spice verfügt über 75 Jahre Erfahrung, Männern dabei zu helfen, Ihren Körpergeruch mit Deodorants, Duschgels, Antitranspiranten und Dü...More

How Old Is She?!

One of the biggest struggles of my life.. Some girls, you just can't tell... same with guys. Get our LIMITED EDITION TSHIRT today before it's GONE! http://bit.ly/crowdmade Written and Directed by Wong Fu Productions Produced with Christine Chen http://instagram.com/peachiechristine Co-Written &...More

3 Year Old White Belt Reciting the Student Creed

Cute 3 year old white belt reciting the student creed. 3 Year Old White Belt Recites Premier Martial Arts Leeds Student Creed.

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