Ohio Police Officer Refuses to Shoot Suspect Asking to Be Shot 'Shoot Me!' |BODY CAM FULL VIDEO

Officer shows incredible restraint when suspect charges him... 'I don't wanna shoot you man' Ohio cop refuses to open fire on murder suspect begging to be shot: 'I Wanted to Be Absolutely Sure', New Richmond Police Officer Jesse Kidder Refuses to shoot man asking to be shot (full video). This is How...More

Canadian officer does a good job

Canadian officer does a good job.

D.C. Police Officer C.C. Reynolds

“You are videotaping this crime scene, right? … That makes you part of it. And your little camera phone could be used as evidence, you understand?”. EDIT | 9/10/14: I filled out a PD-99 Citizen Complaint form with MPD Sunday night and submitted it to Internal Affairs and the District 1 Command...More

Subaru WRX pulls out stuck Police Officer.

Subaru WRX pulls out cop car stuck in snow. Subaru WRX pulls out stuck Police Officer. My buddy Bobby helping out a stuck Hazel Park, Michigan Police Officer. He is on some not so good all season tires but still managed to free the charger. Nothing like a flat 4 awd to pull out that v8 rwd car!

What's the problem officer?

What's the problem officer?. Because yolo.

LAPD Officer Deon Joseph Discusses Current State Of Skid Row - StreetWiseDTLA

LAPD officer gives a very interesting and informative view of the current state of skid row and the issue of how the US deals with mental health.. Skid Row life

Catapult 4 Topside Petty Officer - First Person

First person view of the Catapult Officer on the flight deck. The Catapult Topside Petty Officer's job is to ensure the safety of all personnel on the flight deck during launching operations, and to ensure the proper hook-up of the aircraft to the catapult. The video starts with about one minute u...More

best job in the world - topless trampolining health and safety officer

best job in the world. topless trampolining health and safety officer

Officer gently cuffs sleeping suspect in Thailand

Officer gently cuffs sleeping suspect in Thailand. Video credit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Thailand-Police-Story/453355231429399?fref=ts No copyright infringement is intended.

Crazy lady throws her drink on me in front of off-duty police officer

Crazy lady throws water at cyclist in front of off-duty cop (X-post /r/PublicFreakout). So, I'm coasting down the sidewalk (at walking speed) when I hear a woman scream: "Get off the sidewalk you asshole!" I respond by saying "Why are you so angry on a Saturday evening? It must really suck to wake u...More

SD Officer Retiring After 15 Years Helping the Homeless

San Diego Police have a specific team of officers who work with the city's homeless population. Called the Homeless Outreach Team, they rarely arrest homeless people. Instead, they try to earn their trust and help them get off the streets and into housing. Sergeant Rick Schnell has led the team for ...More

Totally Biased: National Thank a Police Officer Day

In honor of National Thank a Police Officer Day, Kamau headed to downtown Brooklyn to see how everyone was celebrating. Wait, did we celebrating?

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