Memories of Murder (2003) - Ensemble Staging

How do you emphasize to the audience that something is important? Well, you could always cut to a close-up, but how about something subtler? Today I consider ensemble staging — a style of filmmaking that directs the audience exactly where to look, without ever seeming to do so at all. NO SPOILERS....More

Viola Davis on 'How to Get Away with Murder'

It's the show everyone's talking about, including Ellen! The star was here to discuss the intensity of her new hit series.

The Hitchhiker's Guide To Murder

The Hitchhiker's Guide To Murder. According to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, 99.9 percent of hitchhikers are murderers... John Ramsey Website: John Ramsey Twitter: Richard Ramsey Blog: Richard Ramsey T...More

Murder Charges Filed In Shooting Death Of Man Gunned Down While Walking His Dog In West Philly

White father robbed and shot despite pleading for his life by three black teens while walking his dog. Police have charged one fifteen-year-old boy in connection with the murder last Thursday of a man walking a dog in West Philadelphia, and say they are still looking for the triggerman, also fifteen...More

Queens Man Gets Life In Prison for Girlfriend's Murder

Remember the woman from Kentucky in the "How people in NY react to boobs" video? Two days after the video was uploaded, her daughter was murdered in New York. The victim's family called Jason Bohn a bully and a coward. CBS 2's Steve Langford has more. Official Site: http://newyork.cbsloc...More

Elevator Murder Experiment

Would you let him be killed?. What would you do if you walked into a murder in progress? Two guys asked themselves the same question and staged a murder-in-progress inside a New York City elevator. Hidden cameras recorded people's reactions. What would you do?

Ricky Jackson freed from prison after 39 years for wrongful murder conviction

Ricky Jackson freed from prison after 39 years for wrongful murder conviction. Ricky Jackson became a free man after 39 years in prison when Judge Richard McMonagle threw out his conviction on a 1975 murder at a Cleveland grocery store based on a lie by then 12-year-old Eddie Vernon. Vernon recante...More

Mafia Murder Prank

This is the most intense prank I've ever seen. Next level pranking.. ☞ **PLEASE SHARE** This was one of the hardest and craziest pranks that I've done... took us two weeks of planning and getting everything together. Most of the people wouldn't get into the car in the first place.... it literally ...More

Barry Cooper: Watch Kops Murder Marine--No Pot Found

U.S. Marine shot 71 times in marijuana raid. 4yo and wife was home. NO DRUGS FOUND. Watch Kops Murder Marine--No Pot Found Live callers are consulted by Expert Witness and nationally recognized activist, Barry Cooper, regarding their recent arrest, law enforcement encounter or court case. Barry and ...More

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