GoPro: Babes Ride Out - A Motorcycle Story

Babes Ride Out founders Ashmore Ellis and Anya Violet wanted to create an environment where women can come together to share their cross country journeys, triumphs, close calls and disasters on the bike. GoPro Production Artists Tina Marchman and Annemarie Hennes joined these five hundred ladies in ...More

Trials Motorcycle on a Roller Coaster - Red Bull Roller Coaster

Get the full story here: It’s an amusement mash-up of epic proportions – you take French legend of moto trials riding Julien Dupont and introduce him and his bike to one of the...More

Harley-Davidson's Electric Motorcycle

A Harley-Davidson without the classic V-twin snarl? The Verge takes a very quiet Harley on a quick test drive around Lower Manhattan.

So you want to ride a motorcycle in South Florida?

This was my commute the other day.. Welcome to the land of 90 degree turns. Motorcyclists can recognize South Florida mainly because of all the straight flat roads, long hot pauses in traffic, terrible drivers and the abundant vacancy of twisties. Actually that's not true. I've hit a few on and off ...More

3rd March 2015 - Motorcycle Rearend

Aussie Car accidents.. we're so nice :). Travelling along Canberra avenue toward the city in an 80km/h zone. Traffic had backed up ahead and come to a stop. As I came to a stop I checked my mirror and moved to the right of the road in case the car behind wasnt paying attention. I saw him come to a s...More

Bike VS Police CHASE Motorcycle RUNNING From COPS Escapes COP CHASES Street Bike Stunts Out Runs

This POV motorcycle chase had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.. Motorcycle running from the police is about to be caught. The rider makes epic escape from cops. Street bike stunt rider rides a wheelie right passed brand new police charger patrol car. Police chase engages when rider ignore...More

Untippable Motorcycle

The Lit Motors C-1 is a prototype two-wheeled vehicle that carries two passengers and is powered by an electric motor. Oh, and you can't tip it over.

Motorcycle Rope Swing

This looks like a fail waiting to happen.

Kindergarten Kid Riding Motorcycle to School

Kindergarten Kid rides mini motorcycle to school. Recorded on December 14, 2012 at Soderstrom Elementary School, Lindsborg, KS

Guy On Motorcycle Popping Locking and Dropping it, at a Stop light

How to pass time at a red light (X-post from r/motorcycles). Was driving and every time there was a red light, the guy in front kept popping so i thought i would record it.

My Mom's Motorcycle: My Rode Reel

I haven't seen a video this good in a long time.. YOU CAN VOTE FOR THIS VIDEO HERE: This is a short film about how my mom became the owner of a motorcycle for the My Rode Reel competition. More deeply it is about how people use objects to connect with t...More

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R ★★ Record Nürburgring 7'50" ★★ BEST MOTORCYCLE RACE EVER

Guy straps a gyro stabilized cam to his chest while flying around the Nurburgring in a ZX10R. Amazing perspective and time. On Board Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R 2011 Nurburgring 7.50 - Bridgestone Tires Battlax R10. Extreme Amazing Race (Real: No Game No Simulator). ►川崎忍者ZX-10R★★记录纽...More

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