Transformers Generation Movie Stop Motion

Transformers Generation Stop Motion Movie. Finally it is done!. took me 6 month for whole filming proses. At the beginning this movie was suppose to be separate into two part. But think again...better let it be a whole full length release. Even tho this is not a 2 hour or 3 hour kinda movie lol. ...More

Hypnotic Ink Physics in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

SlowMoGuys - Ink in Water, now in 4K! [5:18]. In the first Ultra High Definition episode of The Slow Mo Guys, Gav and Dan inject coloured ink into a tank of water. If you have a 4K display or UHD tv, fire it up! Follow Gav on Twitter - Follow Dan on Twitter - https://tw...More

Motion controllers make great VR lightsabers — CES 2015

Testing a lightsaber with the Sixense STEM motion controller. Subscribe: Read the full article: Check out our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like The Verge on Facebook: Follo...More

Tarantino's Slow Motion

The films of Quentin Tarantino are some of the most stylish films ever made. Slow motion is just one of the many techniques jammed into Tarantino's overstuffed bag of tricks. Tarantino often employs slow motion when he wants us to really take in a tragic moment, forcing us to endure the tragedy sl...More

Stop Motion Car Wrapping

Stop motion car wrapping.. Video credit goes to They wrapped this Volkswagen with ORACAL 970RA and filmed it in stop motion style. #wrapitwithORAFOL #ORAFOLstyle Song is G-Newman Robot Symphonie

Dubai Flow Motion

My first impression of Dubai was that of super-tall buildings jutting out of the desert sand. However, after 3 months of exploration, research and filming, my lasting impression is of the eternal wonder of the desert and the importance it holds for the Emirati people. Dubai may be home to the wor...More

Pagurus Prideaux Hermit Crab changes shell. Slow motion at the end.

Macro video of my hermit crab changing his shell! I'd never seen this before and grabbed my camera just in time.. Filmed in my native UK marine tank. Been hoping to catch him doing this since we first found him! Subscribe to me if you'd like to see more videos like this :)

Slow Motion Lightning, 12 July 2015

My daughter got some nice high-speed camera captures of lightning while I drove. We chased a small storm system from Rapid City to Wall SD on the evening of 12 July 2015. Captures were made using a Vision Research Miro 4 recording at 2,000 fps.

Match Stick Rockets in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys - Match Stick Rockets. Gav and Dan take a giant leap into rocket science. It goes ok. How to make match stick rockets - Follow Gav on Twitter - Follow Dan on Twitter - Here's ...More

Super-strong neodymium magnets destroying everyday items in slow motion

Watch as two super-strong neodymium magnets jump together in slow motion, destroying a variety of every day items. Will it squash, smash or explode? See how an apple, an iPhone, a plastic cup full of rainbow drops and a carton of juice stand up to the awesome power of two 50mm x 50mm x 25mm N42 neod...More

2014: How We Used Slow Motion

Support The Nerdwriter: This is a FREE Patreon video. For patrons, you will not be charged for this video. This is just a bit of fun for the holidays. Enjoy! Clips, in order: Hercules Guardians of the Galaxy 22 Jump Street Taylor Swift. "Blank Space" video Wish...More

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