Howard Brown Health 63rd Street | Fresh Moves Mobile Market

Howard Brown Health 63rd Street delivers holistic healthcare services, free of stigma and judgment, including weight management, diabetes, HIV & STIs, healthy lifestyle consultation, cholesterol management, and hypertension. Fresh Moves uses converted city buses as mobi...More

Game Of Mobile Homes [Episode 2]

Irish gypsies/trailer trash love bare knuckle fighting and YouTube. Someone's made a hilarious new guide.... Our guide to Ireland's bare knuckle family feuds that put the lads in Game Of Thrones to shame! All in good fun. New episodes every Monday. For bonus content join us @

Virgin Mobile Presents: Happy Accidents

New iPhone commercial is a sadly accurate depiction of the growing "trash and replace" consumer mentality. [0:31]. Accidents happen. But when they lead to you getting a new Virgin Mobile phone, we call them "Happy Accidents". Virgin Mobile. A Higher Calling.

Youtube Haiku - Compilation #2 [FIXED FOR MOBILE DEVICES]

Here it is, the FIXED new "15-second video" compilation, available for mobile devices!. CLICK "Show More" TO FIND THE SOURCES TO THE VIDEOS! The song in the beginning is Body Logic by Bustrexx Shout out to Great place to find more videos like this :)...More

Arm Wave TimeLapse (Mobile users look @ description)

Hi I made a video of the progression of my arm waves (dance technique) I still need to improve, so I encourage any feedback!. Link for mobile users: You cant watch it on youtube but you can watch it through this link My arm wave progression, started Ja...More

Mobile Orchestra

South Korean telecommunications company SK Telecom celebrates 30 years of mobile technology with an orchestra of mobile phones - and four pagers.

Meet Doug Pitt, the second most famous Pitt in his family | Virgin Mobile Australia | Fair Go Bro HD

Meet Doug Pitt, the second most famous Pitt in his family. This is Doug Pitt, the second most famous Pitt in his family. Unlike his brother, Doug's not a super star, he's never been featured on the front page and never made big bucks from a celebrity endorsement. Virgin Mobile believe in a fair go f...More

New 3D imagery for Google Earth for mobile

This is amazing.. Google 3D imagery for Google Earth. Since 2006, we've had textured 3D buildings in Google Earth, and we're excited to announce that we'll begin adding 3D models to entire metropolitan areas to Google Earth on mobile devices in the near future. Thanks to new imagery rendering techn...More

X31MCB - Laptop, mobile phone and headphones whilst driving - Queen's Road, Aberdeen

This bloke is driving a 3 tonne Land Rover in town, looking at a mobile phone, laptop and wearing headphones on both ears. Not only he's not paying any attention to the road, I suspect he's not even on this planet. Criminal. Should I report this one to the police? In the Press: First to publish: h...More

Epic and Honest Mobile Home Commercial

If all commercials were like this I wouldn't want a DVR [1:19]. Cullman Liquidation is the 5th local commercial of our I Love Local Commercials Series sponsored by MicroBilt ( ) -- Nominate your favorite local business for a FREE local commercial at: http://ilovelo...More

Kran - Mobile Liebherr Kundentage 2012

A crane lifting a crane, lifting a crane, lifting a crane - 3000t on the hook. Vorstellung des LR 13000 bei den Kundentagen 2012.

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