How a bill really becomes a law: What Schoolhouse Rock missed

As Congressional gridlock and dysfunction worsen, Schoolhouse Rock's "I'm Just a Bill" seems to be missing a few key steps. So we made a sort of sequel adding them back in, above, modeled off the steps of an actual bill -- the DATA Act -- that made it through the gauntlet of Capitol Hill alive. See...More

Missed Connections

Craigslist has a missed connections section - for those almost-but-not-quite moments you think you met your soulmate but didn't have the guts to say anything. Jimmy Kimmel and Alison Brie read a few choice missed connections in this segment.

Auburn defeats Alabama - Chris Davis returns missed field goal 100 yards for game winning touchdown

Auburn 109 Yard Field Goal Return to win Iron Bowl. Auburn defeats Alabama 34-28

My dog missed football

Georges likes sports. Everyone knows this. He hates it when I watch other shows as shown in this video. How can you not love a dog who likes watching NFL football?

Wow! - Watford score in last seconds after Leics missed pen

Watford vs. Leicester. Penalty. Penalty save. Counter attack. Goal and Watford are one win away from being promoted to the Premier League. PS usuals apply - save, download before this is removed by internet police - Watford score on the break from a missed penalty by Leicester in the last seconds of...More

Portlandia - I Missed Hip Hop

Portlandia: Hip Hop history. Carrie teaches Fred about the history of Hip Hop.

Auburn vs. Alabama 100 Yard Missed Field Goal Return For Touchdown by Chris Davis

Amazing end to the Alabama v. Auburn game. Auburn beats Alabama on a missed 57 yard field goal attempt returned for a 100 yard TD. Alabama 21, Auburn 28. November 30, 2013.

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