Big E. with Milk, Sausages and his Friends

When WWE interviews get hilariously wierd. WWE App Exclusive, Smackdown 26th September

What happens if you put milk in Coca Cola

What happens if you put milk in Coca Cola. Here is an experiment to see what happens with Coca Cola if you mix it with milk, is an experiment that separate the ingredients from the water .

Kobayashi Completes the Gallon Milk Challenge

Kobayashi drinking a gallon of milk in 20 seconds. Takeru Kobayashi set the record for cupcake eating (13 in one minute) so he needed something to wash it down. Here he attempts and easily accomplishes the infamous "gallon milk challenge." Keep in mind, that's whole milk he's drinking. This was fi...More

kitten goes ballistic on milk bottle

Kitten goes ballistic on milk bottle. 3 week old kitten has the munchies. goes batshit crazy Big thanks to LegitVisionz and AmazingLife247. Otherwise you wouldn't have seen it. It's a crazy cat. I will keep them videos coming if I have enough subscribers (though I doubt it will happen). http://www...More

My BF Sleep Walking...Now I know where the Milk is going!

Sleepwalking. My BF sleep walking when I'm at work. Milk has been missing for weeks now and he swears hes not drinking it all. So I got two cameras and now I know where its going. If you want to know he is taking..... it's sleep meds (Ambien) ever since his mom died. Thank you Jay for speeding it u...More

German designer Anke Domaske and her fashions made from milk | euromaxx

Anke Domaske is a 28 year old biologist and fashion designer who makes clothes from a very unusual fabric, milk yarn. She has come up with an easy and environmentally friendly way to extract fibres from milk and her designs are proving very successful.

Ron Swanson - Skim Milk

There's only one thing I hate more than lying.... One of Ron Swanson's best mini-rants so far. From S05E17 I don't own anything anything from this video


Milk in my sippy cup, yo!. Max playing with his music toys. Song/video by Wax, Herbal T, EOM, Andrew Kurchinski, and Yesica Rodriguez.

The Rock's MILK Transformation

The powers of milk.. Find out what happens when Facundo gets ROCKED by the power of MILK. Follow The Rock: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Sina Weibo: http://www.w...More

Dustin Lance Black 2009 Oscar Speech - MILK

Be sure to check out "8: The Mormon Proposition" for which Dustin recently won the GLAAD Media Award for Best Documentary. Trailer: Acceptance Speech: Oh by the way... I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS T...More

Bread & Milk: A Rhode Island Success Story

Some good news from the blizzard!. A personal follow up to the hilarious video that perfectly sums up the northeast craze that occurs every time those white flakes fall from the skies. This was inspired by Vic DiBitetto's hilarious video which can be seen here:

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