Pasquale Cutom GuitarsThrash Metal Series of Pre-school Instruments

Slayer Mashup! Possibly the LAST act on First Act Instruments. Brutal!

National Metal Dog | Marnie the Dog Rocks Out With Her Tongue Out

Marnie the Dog celebrates VH1 Classic's "National Metal Day" by melting faces with her cuteness. She shows us that even though she can’t “throw up the horns,” she’s still metal as Shih Tzu. Tim Harrington, frontman of Les Savy Fav, writer and co-creator of VH1 Classic’s Metal Headzzz, a...More

Metal Construction

Metal construction..

Mary Poppins Sings Death Metal

Recorded and Produced at Endless Noise Instruments were arranged, played, and recorded by me. Vocals by Sera Hatchett, and Thomas Hinds YouTube doesn...More

Melting Cans With The Mini Metal Foundry

Melting Cans With The Mini Metal Foundry. How to recycle scrap metal in the backyard, with a homemade, Mini Metal Foundry. Get "The Hobbit" - Win the sword: Subscribe for new videos every 5 days! Join my email l...More

What's The Deal With Metal In The Microwave?

Subscribe to HuffPost today: Voice Over: Raydene Salinas Science Advisor: Louis Bloomfield, phD Professor and Associate Chair of Physics, University of Virginia Sparking Footage: Matthew Villani Producer: Rebecca Adams Vide...More

Heavy Metal Toddler [Metallica - Creeping Death]

This kid loves his metal. My almost 3 year old getting his metal on!

Metal Bruce Almighty

Metal Bruce Almighty. Bruce Almighty vs Stupid Riffs = hours of fun. Download Link: Credits: Mike Malyan + Olly Steele (Monuments)

Metal shavings on top of high voltage cable.

Metal shavings on high voltage cables.. Metal shavings on top of high voltage cable.


Binary Metal. Like morse code, but more metal. More videos: Fluff's channel: Super-subscribe: Drums programmed by Nick Pierce If you want to cruise their neighborhood blasting "you like cantaloupe?"...More

Infant Annihilator - Decapitation Fornication (Metal Spoken Word)

Guy reads metal lyrics as poetry. Visit us at: like us on: follow us at:

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