Howard Brown Health 63rd Street | Fresh Moves Mobile Market

Howard Brown Health 63rd Street delivers holistic healthcare services, free of stigma and judgment, including weight management, diabetes, HIV & STIs, healthy lifestyle consultation, cholesterol management, and hypertension. Fresh Moves uses converted city buses as mobi...More

Chatuchak Weekend Market Thai Iced Tea, Bangkok HD

The Thai Tea Master. Watch in HD!!! Largest Market in Thailand that covers 35 acres which sits in the Bangkok metropolitan area. It contains upwards of 5,000 stalls and this is just one of them where these guys make great Thai iced tea... *edit In Malaysia its called Teh Tarik. I have been getti...More

San Francisco Dashcam: A Trip Down Market Street - 1906 Educational Documentary - WDTVLIVE42

San Francisco dashcam circa 1906. San Francisco's main thoroughfare, Market Street, is a hive of activity in this 1906 "dashcam" style movie. The trip was filmed from the front of a cable car, and shows horse drawn and motorised traffic weaving between the cable cars & horse drawn trams, often n...More

A dog walking around in the super market...

Just a dog walking around a supermarket.... read the title..

Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand

The Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand. The amazing Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand.

Share the Buzz | WEG | Whole Foods Market

Recently, honey bees have been in the headlines. What makes bees as buzzworthy as Brangelina? Well, it has something to do with their starring role in our food supply: bees pollinate more than 100 types of crops in the US, from almonds to zucchini. They are also vital to the reproduction of clover a...More

Bargaining and haggling 101 - at Yashow market

Bargaining and haggling 101 in Beijing. Haggling at Yashow market in Sanlitun, Beijing. I deliberately went to this woman's stall because she always gives a great performance. I know in the end I'm paying three times her cost price, but I still get a good shirt on the cheap and we have fun haggling....More

How to Buy Nukes on the Black Market

How to Buy Nukes on the Black Market. On the black market in Bulgaria enough money can buy anything from women and drugs to fully functioning nuclear warheads. Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti shop for dirty bombs in the Bulgarian black market. After you see the relative ease with which they were able ...More

Black Market Takes Over the iPhone 6 Lines

Some thoughts from me (the guy who made this movie). I am a big tech nerd. I slept on the streets to get the very first iPhone, when I was a teenager I would wait all night at the mall for a new video game. For the 2013 launch of the iPhone 5s I made a short video about the lines in NYC, most of ...More

Emi Sunshine, singing in the Sweetwater, TN flea market.

This little girl has SOUL!. I have submitted her video to Conan O'Brien, Americas Got Talent and for the Ellen D. show.. Here name is Emi Sunshine, and she is on FB here´╗┐. The song is Blue Yodel # 6.. Wanda Jackson according to her FB page. This girl ...More

Donnie Does Marriage Market

An expat in China goes to a local "marriage market." Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.. Donnie touches up his resume in order to find a wife at Shanghai's Marriage Market. More info on the marriage market here: New Donnie Does every Wednesday! 'Like' Donnie Does C...More

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