Making a Custom GLOWING iPhone Logo - in Shenzhen, China

Making a Custom GLOWING iPhone Logo - in Shenzhen, China. Enough of that boring Apple logo - let's turn it into a glowing Strange Parts logo. Another episode in the quest to make a custom iPhone in Shenzhen, China Share this video: Subscribe to the channel here: https...More

Satanic Image Hidden In Red Bull Logo

Not so fast MONSTER ENERGY.. RED BULL is the official drink of Satan!. Did you know every can of Red Bull has a picture of the devil on it? Check this out! In fact, the logo has 2 demons in it, as the image is mirrored. By drinking energy drinks, you are taking part in an ancient satanic rite by c...More

Walt Disney Pictures Intro Logo Collection (All Variations) HD

Suprisingly interesting video of the evolution of the Walt Disney Pictures intro logo throughout the years.. I finally combined all the Walt Disney Pictures intro logos starting from its first appearance in The Black Cauldron up until now! Enjoy ♥ Movies featured in this video: The Black Cauldron...More

Bertolli Pasta & Logo Films

Me (the waiter) in the Bertolli commercial, aired Feb & March 2009. Instagram: Barberry17

Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge

Watch more like this at Most logos aren't designed in fifteen minutes, but most designers aren't Aaron Draplin. Aaron's a Portland fixture by way of the Midwest, the owner of Draplin Design Co., and an advocate of "blue collar" design: design that works. Here he takes our logo de...More

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