Gordon Ramsay WHERES THE LAMB SAUCE-Animated


Jeb the Attention Seeking Lamb

Cute lamb demands petting while dog gets jealous in the background. A friendly lamb on my girlfriends farm demands to be patted

Dog terrified of low-fat lamb jerky

Dog terrified of low-fat lamb jerky. My 5.5 month old fox red lab is terrified of a specific type of jerky. This is strange, and yet hilarious, because this is a dog who will eat anything and pretty much everything. Watch him flip his shit. I know some people would like to play animal activist but I...More

Easy Lamb Roast

New ad I just saw on TV. Easy Lamb Roast is so easy it turns anyone into a mum. For full cooking instructions, visit http://www.easylambroast.com.au

Pet the lamb that thinks it's a dog!

After growing up with just dogs this sheep believes its a dog too. #SheepThatThinksItsADog Here's "Pet" our orphaned pet lamb who has been brought up with our 4 collies Dice, Fly, Jess and Megan! She thinks the oldest dog Dice is her mother! Sleeping in the same basket and following her everywhere f...More

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