Kramer Stealing Food From Jerry - Seinfeld Supercut

Every single time Kramer helped himself to Jerry's kitchen, all in one glorious supercut. Commissioned by, edited by Alex Moschina: Head to for more from the guys who find you the coolest stuff that money can buy.

Kramer Reacts To Skrillex

Kramer Reacts to Skrillex (xpost from /r/seinfeld). Kramer from Seinfeld Reacts To Skrillex

Indie-fensible! - The Maya "Legobutts" Kramer Story! (v2)

Indie-fensible! - The Maya "Legobutts" Kramer Story! (v2). The Indie Games Fest (IGF) is a series of awards, given out to exceptional Indie games! ...At least, that was its original purpose. Learn how Maya Felix Kramer, aka "Legobutts", made sure all of her friends and clients won the aw...More

Kramer Levels (Avicii/Seinfeld mashup)

Kramer dances to Avicii. Please subscribe, new video every 2 weeks! Kramer talking about Levels, put to Avicii's Levels Winner of the August Video Idea Contest! Share it: Tweet it: http://twitter...More

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