Our kitten sees snow for the first time

Our 3 month old kitten sees snow for the first time.

Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog

Cat and Kitten are back again, and now there is a new "thing" in the household. How will they respond? Need more Cat Videos? Subscribe!: http://puri.na/Friskies Watch Dear Kitten: Impersona-Cat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrnIZXGU1mU Watch Dear Kitten: My Friend Peanut: https://www.youtube.c...More

Kitten Jam - Turn Down For What (adorable kittens dancing)

Kitten rave!. *This footage is managed exclusively by Viralvideouk.com. If you wish to license this footage please contact Info@viralvideouk.com. These are two talented kittens - Tulip and Daisy - that we are fostering and will soon be available for adoption at the Animal Welfare League of Arlingto...More

YouTube Comment Reconstruction #2 - 'GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten'

Part 2 of the two dramatic actors reading youtube comments. In our continued attempt to make the YouTube comments even more dramatic, we turn our attention to the argument between 'Latinsha Duke' and 'MIKEFUCKINGWINS23' on the video "GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten". Want us to reconstruct your favourit...More

Dear Kitten: Regarding The Big Game

One day a year things get weird, and Cat teaches Kitten the game-plan Get your free Friskies® Coupon: http://www.catslovesauce.com Watch Dear Kitten: The Disappearing Humans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1194saQTa8 Watch The Original Dear Kitten: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4Sn91t1V4g Need ...More

St Bernard loves kitten

St Bernard loves kitten. Bella, our adorable Saint Bernard, is completely fascinated by our new kitten!

7 Kitten T-Shirt

Beautiful and lasting artwork - and it launders well to boot. Rhett & Link reenact Amazon product reviews for the seven kitten, pug face, and ninja disguise t-shirts. Guess you should place your order now while supplies last.

Bengal Kitten, Beavis fetches a pen. @AnthonyCumia

Cute bengal kitten plays fetch. Beavis is getting much better at fetching.

TOO MANY COOKS - Adult Swim (Cute Kitten Version)

Too many kits, too many kits! Get 20% off your pet food @PetFlow Hundreds of brands including hard-to-find organic pet food Pet Flow Auto-Ship delivers to your door every month! Use promo code COLLECT for your 20% discount To redeem visit Pet Flow here: http://tpc.tv/petfooddelivery Subscribe to T...More

Dear Kitten

Dear Kitten. Cats everywhere are promising big changes for a taste of wet cat food. What will your cat do? Tell us: http://www.IfYouFeedMe.com Subscribe to Friskies YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PurinaFriskies

Rescued Florida Panther Kitten

Rescued Florida Panther Kitten. Day 1 - 1/23/14 - A single male kitten is discovered in the den of FP195. The 7-day-old kitten is cold (hypothermic) and listless and shows signs of hypoglycemia. FWC panther biologists determine the tiny 1-pound kitten will not survive in this state without intervent...More

Kitten tries to save owner's hand from falling out of the window

Kitten gets nervous and tries to save owner's had from falling out of the window.. Kitten tries to save owner's hand from falling out of the window

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