New Video Showing New Jersey Cops Siccing Dog on Man, Killing Him

Officers Louis Platania and Jeffrey Travaline Murdering Subdued Man with K9. Read story here.

Jonas Gustavsson with a Matrix save vs New Jersey Devils - 12/6/13

Detroit goaltender makes matrix style save. Jonas Gustavsson with an absolutely insane Matrix save vs New Jersey Devils - 12/6/13

#1 Drive Through Guy in New Jersey

I heard about this drive through guy and had to experience it for myself. Was not disappointed..... I heard about this guy and had to experience it for myself.

Brad Pitt Surprises Fans at a New Jersey Screening of 'World War Z'

Brad Pitt surprised a New Jersey audience when he showed up to a World War Z screening. - At the first ever public screening of 'World War Z,' Brad Pitt showed up to surprise fans in Hoboken, NJ and introduce the film.

Kevin Love Jersey Burning - Minnesota Nice Style

Minnesotans react to Kevin Love leaving for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Written by Mike Brody. Edited by Mike & Zan Brody. Starring Mike Brody, Angelo Vescio, Senthil Rajasekharan, Elizabeth Ess, Gus Lynch, Sidney Oxborough, Justin Colucci, Mike Rasmussen, Mike O'Keefe, Earl Elli...More

Florida to New Jersey On A Train

Take a ride on the GE Juice Train for a 48 hour trip from Florida to New Jersey to deliver 500,000 gallons of orange juice, accelerated to just 156 seconds.

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