Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelet), how to cook.

So Jamie Oliver showed us how the Americans, British, and French prepare their eggs... this is the Japanese take. Seen at Tsukiji Fish Market. Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese thoughts on British Culture

Japanese thoughts on British Culture. In preparation for my Japanese friends first trip to the UK, we sat down to discuss British culture, covering everything from Harry Potter to Chavs, Restaurant etiquette to the Queen - complete with "combat training". FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/abroadinj...More

Japanese Flip Books

Incredible Japanese flip books. Spotted these Japanese animated flipbooks at a convention (Hyper Japan, London). They let me film some in action. Blog post ~ http://travelry.co.uk/post/102647065041 Vendors website ~ http://www.jpbooks.co.uk Hyper Japan ~ http://hyperjapan.co.uk

Tommy Lee Jones Teacher Japanese Coffee Ad

My friend was stationed in Okinawa for a few years and he told me that Tommy Lee Jones had his own coffee brand there. He wasn't lying.... Funny commercial from Japan, I just love his teaching style.

白人に壁ドンをしたら意外な反応 | 희한한 일본 신드롬 카베동에 대한 외국사람들의 반응 (한글

New Crazy Japanese Trend "Kabedon" to impress girls. 설정버튼에서 언어를 한국어로 설정한 다음 캡션(CC)버튼을 클릭하시면 한글자막 뜹니다. Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/asianboss Twitter ► https://twitter.com/AskAsianBoss

Insane Japanese 3 Second Tempura Shrimp

Insane Japanese 3 Second Tempura Shrimp.

[Pavel Barber's Client] 11 Year old Japanese Hockey Prodigy AITO IGUCHI [Part 1]

11 Year old Japanese Hockey Prodigy (x-post r/hockey). I've been making videos of Iguchi Aito for over a year now. Iguchi is from Saitama Japan, and his work ethic helps him be that much better than everyone else. It's always exciting talking to him about ways we can improve his game - he is excell...More

Polite Japanese Drivers

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メイド100人 魅せパンリレー|100 Sizzling Japanese maids in Action|フレーバーストーン

100 Japanese Maids ... One Pancake. お屋敷のメイドさん100人が、ご主人様にアツアツの朝食を届けるため、 フライパンリレーに挑戦! 使用したフライパンは油無しでも焦げつきにくいフレーバーストーン。 果たして、無事に届ける...More

Japanese Girl Eats Live Frog

Japanese girl eating live frog sushi. Live frogs are a popular Asian dish. In this video, a Japanese woman enjoys a live frog at a sushi restaurant in Japan.

Japanese immigration screws the pooch, I pay the price

American guy who lived 15 years in Japan, kicked out of Japan for no reason.

Why Japanese don't smell! 体臭の違い(日本と欧米)

TIL why most Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, and South East Asians have little to no body odor.. The science behind why Japanese people don't have as much body odor as us unfortunate foreigners! 【Sources】 http://www.macalester.edu/academics/psychology/whathap/ubnrp/pheromone10/human%20pheromones.ht...More

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