Making a Custom GLOWING iPhone Logo - in Shenzhen, China

Making a Custom GLOWING iPhone Logo - in Shenzhen, China. Enough of that boring Apple logo - let's turn it into a glowing Strange Parts logo. Another episode in the quest to make a custom iPhone in Shenzhen, China Share this video: Subscribe to the channel here: https...More

Hippo Charge on Chobe River Jan2015, recorded with iPhone 6;

To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email Taken on Pangolin Photo Safari in Botswana. Normal Speed can be seen at

Grandma Opening Chocolate iphone

Zo past de iPhone 6 Plus wél in je broekzak!

This way the iPhone 6+ DOES fit in your pockets!. Zijn jouw jeans al iPhone 6 Plus-proof? Vergroot je broekzak naar Pocket Plus.

The Life & Death of an iPhone

“The Life and Death of an iPhone” is shot entirely on an iPhone, edited on the iPhone about what it’s like to be an iPhone. Seen entirely from the phone’s point-of-view beginning with its inception through its life… death… and ultimately its reincarnation. This is not a PSA. Made with...More

iPhone 6 in Space! HD balloon flight to 101,000 Feet by UAG

On November 28th, 2014 we sent a brand new iPhone 6 on the ultimate adventure to the stratosphere. On its journey, the iPhone reached a height of over 101,000 feet and encountered temperatures as cold as -79 degrees F and winds as strong as 70 MPH. During the descent the iPhone 6 and flight rig with...More

Nokia 3310 Bend Test (iPhone 6 Plus Follow-up)

Nokia 3310 - Will It Bend? Do you want your own special iOS / Android app review? Or do you want your own tech product review? For special videos that will fit your needs check this out: Please help support my channel by using the A...More

The new Apple iPhone 6 Plus feature "Introducing Bend"

Apple added a secret feature to the Iphone 6 they just released a video about today.. The newest feature of the iPhone 6.

Illinois Tornado April 9, 2015 - iPhone filmed

Guy nearly gets swept up by Tornado in Rochelle, IL.. Very close encounter with the tornado that rolled through Northern Illinois on April 9, 2015. My boss and friend Sam S. took the video and sent it to me soon after. Sam is not a storm chaser and was on his way to Indianapolis.

Peeping Tom - How to Spy with Your iPhone {The Kloons}

Finally, an app that lets you secretly stay on the line after the other person has hung up...but it comes with a price.. The Kloons introduce 'Peeping Tom,' the new mobile App that lets you keep listening 5 seconds after the other party hangs up the phone! Privacy be damned! Featuring: Featuring R...More

iPhone 5 - TV Ad - Thumb - Commercial

With the iPhone 6 plus recently released, let us never forget this commercial.. Apple iPhone 5 TV Ad/ Commercial.

How to fix iphone 6's protruding camera

Making a good design better. ...with a grinding machine. grinding starts @ [1:59] got a bit frustrated with the camera sticking out; and now it sits flat on a table. LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!! thank you:) *This was done by a professional; do not try this at home.

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