Fukushima - Images by Rebecca Lilith Bathory

More coming soon. Making the images breathe. Rebecca asked me to take her images of Fukushima and create a video. I used mapping techniques to make the images breathe. Every so often someone will ask for a collaboration and you can just feel the passion from that person. Rebecca is such a person...More

Brain-Breaking Images

Tom Scott discusses the McCollough Effect - where looking at colorless gratings for a time can make them appear colored, or colored gratings can appear to swap colors - at Walt Disney World, home of the most stuck-in-your-brain song.

Time-lapse images of Mount St. Helens dome growth 2004-2008

Mount Saint Helens growing back it's dome.. http://gallery.usgs.gov/videos/628 The rapid onset of unrest at Mount St. Helens on September 23, 2004 initiated an uninterrupted lava-dome-building eruption that continued until 2008. The initial phase produced rapid growth of a lava dome as magma pushe...More

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