PRICELESS Reaction from Husband to Pregnancy Announcement!

Wife tells husband that they're having a baby with a nice reaction. I wanted to surprise my husband with the good news of our positive pregnancy test. I set up my cell phone camera to catch his reaction. His response is pretty priceless! :) UPDATE: Brady James was born on 4-16-14! Here are a cou...More

Detroit vs Dallas, husband goes nuts!(language)

Lions fan freaks out. This is my husband going crazy after the Detroit Lions won over Dallas Cowboys! So funny. He was literally jumping and almost crying at one point. He is definitely a huge fan of football and it shows.


HUSBAND CHEATING ON WIFE PRANK. Follow Me On Twitter: Facebook: ►Click Here to Subscribe: ►If you see this, 'LOL' in the comments ►Cheap + INSTANT COINS - Discount ...More

Husband in underwear does Chores in -21C

Canadian husband takes trash out to curb in his underwear in -22C (-36C with the wind chill factor). My husband was just about to hop in the shower when I reminded him he hadn't taken the garbage out to the curb yet - he decided against getting dressed before heading out into the -21C Canadian weath...More

Sleepwalking & Sleep Talking Husband

Sleepwalking and sleeptalking. TURN CAPTIONS ON!. ***Make sure captions are turned on!*** I ask my sleepwalking husband why he urinated on the kitchen floor. Turns out, he doesn't know either.

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