Adam Savage's Overlook Hotel Maze Model

Watch our in-depth discussion of this maze build here: Over the span of a month, Adam designed and built an accurate replica of the hedge maze architectural model from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. The maze model, as seen in The Overlook Hotel, is only s...More


THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is nominated for 9 Academy Awards including BEST PICTURE! More:

Wellington Hotel Annex Implosion

Downtown Albany, NY - August 23, 2014

Grand Budapest Hotel B-Roll

Behind the scenes footage from the b-roll for Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Young woman criticizing international socialism: "What are we doing in a luxury 5-star hotel?"

Young woman criticizing international socialism: "What are we doing in a luxury 5-star hotel?". Beatriz Talegón, General Secretary of the International Union of Socialist Youth, puts the record straight on worldwide socialist leaders accusing them of being responsible for the current and ...More

Furchester Hotel: John Oliver has Bad News for Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster flips his shit after being trolled by John Oliver. Did you know they don't have cookies in the UK? What is Cookie Monster supposed to do when he's staying at the Furchester Hotel if there are no cookies? Is he supposed to just eat biscuits? John Oliver explains. Subscribe to the Ses...More

How to Sneak Into a Hotel Pool Party (Pool Hand Luke)

Guy teaches you how to sneak into hotel pool parties with one of the best zombie sequences I've ever seen.. Subscribe for more episodes ► It's summertime and you still don't have any money. It's cool, I've got you covered. It's time to sneak into a hotel pool party. Watch ...More

Meet The Characters Of The Grand Budapest Hotel

May we introduce you to the lastest crew of quirky characters from Wes Anderson's upcoming film.


Adapted from the book THE WES ANDERSON COLLECTION: THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL by Matt Zoller Seitz Written & Narrated by Matt Zoller Seitz Edited by Steven Santos

Tennessee Wonderland: Exploring an Abandoned Mountain Neighborhood and Hotel

I explored an abandoned neighborhood and hotel hidden inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. Visit for more details. I did not "discover" the land or buildings. Apologies for the poor choice of words in the opening titles. I have added an annotation that corrects t...More

Hotel Door Chain FAIL

Weird Al has an interesting door chain.

Jason Mraz & Alexa Jarred. "Lucky." Live in the Alley Behind Hotel Cafe.

Girl gets a chance to duet with Jason Mraz in the street and crushes it.. I ran into Jason at the Hotel Cafe, and since I couldn't get in, we waited outside for him to come out so I could talk to him... Little did I know, he would make my dream of singing with him come true. He is, without a doubt, ...More

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