Mongolian Traditional Music Throat & Long Song (Mongolian Rap Hip Hop)

If you thought you'd die before you saw traditional Mongolian throat singers putting out a hip hop song... I'm here to put those fears to rest. Another great new hit by the Mongolian rap band Fish Symbolled Stamp, the song "MONGOL" This song is from a film "Time of The Middle Emperor" Visit Mongo...More

Hip Bathroom Signs Are The Worst

Hip Bathroom Signs Are The Worst. Can't We Just Go? See more LIKE us on: FOLLOW us on: FOLLOW us on: Credits Cast Travis - Bernard Jones Jen - Emily Axford Janit...More

Hip Hop Spin Class with KTX

Hip Hop Spin Class.

Portlandia - I Missed Hip Hop

Portlandia: Hip Hop history. Carrie teaches Fred about the history of Hip Hop.

I Never Knew He Liked Hip Hop!!!

I Never Knew He Liked Hip Hop!. Well I stumbled across this clip and had to give something ago

Kid Makes A Rap Song In 30 Seconds. Apparently, Hip Hop Is Easy.

Kid Makes A Rap Song In 30 Seconds. Apparently, Hip Hop Is Easy.. Drake better watch his back. Kid Makes A Rap Song In 30 Seconds. Apparently, Hip Hop Is Easy.

Finding Yourself - a dance documentation ( hip hop dance, Damon frost, Shake & Future)

Finding yourself is a short documentary film featuring the 3 legendary dancers Damon Frost, Daniel E "Future" Kelley and Chris "Shake" Mathis. The film revolves around a day of dance, sharing and contemplation in the heart of New York city, Central Park. Filmed and documented by Maceo Frost www.m...More

Hip Hop Remixes Science

You're invited inside Bronx Compass High School to witness the first day of Science Genius, a revolutionary pilot program which uses hip hop culture to teach science. Guided by hip hop educator Dr. Chris Emdin and his team, these ninth grader write raps based on their current science lesson. Will...More

Hard Knock Hip Hop - Orbit Arts Academy

Dude in Orange Knocks it out!. Campers at Orbit Arts Academy's 2014 Musical Theatre Camp rock out to a fun remix of Hard Knock Life from Annie. Choreography by Alex Preston. "Hard Knock Life ABDC Remix" is the intellectual property of District 78. Orbit Arts Academy claims no copyright ownership t...More

Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education

learn more and get the book at follow on twitter at to view the video with subtitles in Spanish, English, and (hopefully soon!) more, visit

Kid Cudi: Hip Hop Is 'Holding Us Back As A culture'

KiD CuDi "Hip-Hop is holding us back as a culture.". Kid Cudi expects more from hip hop, and he's calling out today's biggest stars for not elevating the game. Cudi also tells Arsenio who's doing it right, and the one reason he makes music. It has nothing to do with sales or money.


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