Girl dances like a robot having breakfast

Just a robot trying to have some breakfast. Follow me for new dance videos: Facebook: Instagram: Vine: Booking inquiries: Media Requests: Hi-res images Credits: Concept Inspir...More

Having a Bad Day (GTA V Online)

Having A Bad Day (GTA V). Subscribe:

Having fun on a SEGA R360 filmed on my NOKIA 808

Sega R-360 arcade flight simulator.. Riding a SEGA R360 arcade flight simulator, at my friend Steve's place in California, which was filmed on my NOKIA 808.


NEW! Try, "NOT HAVING KIDS". Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? This could help! Wife: Amanda Giobbi Husband: Keith Rubin V.O.: Hallie Clarke Couple at table: Andy Hagan & Holly Shepard Woman with stroller: Emilie Parnin DP: Taylor Stanton Written, Directed, Edited: Jason A Messina ...More

Having a Wee?

Having a Wee?. From a Channel 5 Documentary

Dirk Having Fun with Security

I never realized how strict the NBA is with their replay policies. Until now. Gotta love Dirk!. Dirk messes with a security guard in Sacramento during a video review against the Kings.

Having Fun With a Busted Piano

Having fun with a broken piano. My friend's busted piano is awesome! Download my real music at: Cheers! אדם בן עזרא

A Family's Sentence: Dealer Serving Life Without Having Taken One

Subscribe on YouTube: Jesse Webster has been incarcerated 18 years for dealing cocaine; his family hopes President Obama will commute his sentence. Read the story here: NYT on Google Plus: Watch more videos at:

Telling my younger sister that I'm having triplets.

Sister's reaction to other sister's pregnancy. My sister tends to be a very lively fun person with bad language. I told her she was going to be a god mother and she went crazy lol.

Black Racer snake having a seizure

Snake has a seizure. A Black Racer snake has a seizure.

Mommy's Having A Baby

Parents tell their kids that they're having another baby... watch the girl's reaction. Telling our kids that there is a baby is mommy's belly. Our daughter freaks out.

Teen Thrown In Violent New York Prison For Years Without Ever Having Been Convicted

Bronx resident Kalief Browder was walking home from a party when he was abruptly arrested by New York City police officers on May 14, 2010. A complete stranger said Browder had robbed him a few weeks earlier and, consequently, changed the 16-year-old's life forever. Browder was imprisoned for three...More

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