Cutting an Elastic Band Ball in Half

Cutting a rubber band ball in half (1:30).

Half in the Bag Episode 76: Into the Storm and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Mike and Jay are joined by a construction worker named “Rich” “Evans” to talk about Into the Storm, a found footage rip off of Twister, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a modern day rip off of your childhood heroes.

Funny, Craziest Magic Trick / Prank! Magician Cut in Half

Best magic trick I've ever seen. OFFICIAL VIDEO Magician cut in half prank Learn more at: Facebook: Twitter: NOTE: OFFICIAL VIDEO Comedian, Magician and Ventriloquist, ANDY GROSS does a...More

Michael Carberry's Bat Breaks In Half

English cricketer Michael Carberry's bat broken in half by a Ryan Harris delivery.

Half in the Bag: Interstellar - While Mr. Plinkett's house floats across Lake Michigan, Mike and Jay attempt to wrap their brains around Christopher Nolan's latest film Interstellar. Mike also discusses some previous films about black holes such as Event Horizon and The Black Hole.

Half Life 2 VR Training (AMAZING!) - Goldfish rifts

Virtual Reality is going to be the shit. Ok this video was half for showing off the amazing job the devs have done for the half life VR mod and half testing recording with xsplit. I see the game sound was way too loud in this one compared to my voice. mod link:

Game of Thrones The mountain Deadlifts 994 pounds half thor bjornsson

The Mountain from Game of Thrones successfully deadlifting almost 1000 pounds. Want to see the strongest man in hollywood? Here he is Half Thor Bjornsson

Allie Brosh, "Hyperbole and a Half" | Talks at Google

Allie Brosh, "Hyperbole and a Half" | Talks at Google. Allie Brosh's immensely popular blog, Hyperbole and a Half (, is an Internet phenomenon which has been named one of the Funniest Sites on the Web by PC World and winner of the 2011 Bloggies Awards for Mos...More


What happens when you dub ghetto strip club videos with WWE Wrestling commentary.. AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, HE IS BROKEN IN HALF! 1:10 GAME OVER John Escobar hahahaha Dounia da fffffuck What in all of hades dominion did my eyes just partake in? Abraxas Ortega MIRA PARA TUS AMIGOS QUE GUSTAN DE LAS PU...More

Other Half Brewing

The sights and sounds of Other Half Brewing.

WATCH: Rep. Michael Grimm Threatens NY1 Reporter: 'I'll Break You in Half'

Following Tuesday's State of the Union address, Representative Michael Grimm of Staten Island threatened an NY1 political reporter, Michael Scotto. Read the story here: Subscribe on YouTube: Watch more videos at:

Breaking Bad | Fan Animation | "The Half Measure"

Breaking Bad fan animation -"The Half Measure". a little something i did for my art class. My visual interpretation on mike's speech in the Breaking Bad episode "Half measures". I have only done the visuals and have not modified the audio in any way. I am not gaining profit from this work...More

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