Giant Star Wars LEGO Super Star Destroyer Shattered at 1000 fps | Battle Damage

What better way to celebrate the upcoming Star Wars Day than by watching a Super Star Destroyer shatter in slow-motion? SUBSCRIBE for more videos: Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► CONNECT WITH WIRED Web: Twi...More

How we make our giant Imperial Easter Eggs

This is how giant chocolate Easter Eggs are made. Did you know that our handmade Imperial Easter Eggs continue a tradition stretching back nearly a century to the birth of Bettys? Our founder, Frederick Belmont, created lavish Easter eggs which were ornately embellished with hand-p...More

Red Giant | "Old/New" - Narrated by Patton Oswalt

Old/New is the story of Drew McHugh, a man whose penchant for the new -- new devices, new fashion, new friends -- is challenged when he discovers the rustic appeal of old-fashioned things. He quickly becomes obsessed with the reclaimed and well-worn - plummeting face-first down the rabbit hole of no...More

Roger Knobel ( A-12) SR-71 Blackbird Giant Remote Control Turbine Jet

Giant Remote Control SR-71 Blackbird With Turbines... Awesome.... 05.10.2013 Hausen am Albis/ MG Affoltern a.A Fantastisch das Flugbild dieser SR-71 Blackbird mit einer BehotecTurbine, selber alle Teile am CAD entworfen und selber gefräst,Wow Respekt.!! RC Flight Show 05.10.2013 Hausen am Albis/Af...More

The Human-Powered, Giant Theme Park Playground: Ai Pioppi

The Human-Powered, Giant Theme Park Playground. - - pull down for details of Ai Pioppi! In the foothills of the Dolomites, an hour or so north of Venice, lies Ai Pioppi, a restaurant that's home to an astonishing, giant, human-powered, kinetic-art the...More

Jack and the Giant

A Love Like Pi - Jack and the Giant (Official video) Music: iTunes: SoundCloud: "On the space that widens between you and your imagination as you grow old." Made with m...More

Robot artist draws giant sketch on the beach

Full story: Using your phone or tablet, send a drawing to this little bot and watch it trace the lines in the sand by dragging a rake behind it

Halo Pillar of Autumn giant LEGO spaceship - Brickworld Chicago 2014

A guy spent almost 4 years recreating an iconic Halo ship with Lego. Joshua Hanlon from talks to Lee Jones about the Pillar of Autumn spaceship. Complete guided tour of Brickworld Chicago 2014: Check out our other Brickworld Chicago 2014 videos: http://...More

How Long… ? (Gravy Bucket, Trash Can, Giant Tooth)

I was pranked by Jimmy Kimmel and lead to believe I'd get $100 if I stuck my arm into a bucket of gravy... but instead I made a friend in the process.. From time to time we like to set up an odd scenario out on Hollywood Blvd. to see how long it takes a passersby to notice and interact. This time th...More

Giant water bug attacks and kills a snake

"Giant" Water Bug fights and kills snake. A 3cm giant water bug (Belostomatid, probably genus Lethocerus) stabbed its mouthpart into a 10cm garter snake (genus Thamnophis) I apparently startled into jumping incautiously into a rock pool, then hung on for dear life - and was rewarded with a...More

Giant Octopus (Soaring With Giants)

Giant Octopus: People were confused with my last video and asking how big the Octopus was. Since my Banana floated away, here is a video that shows him next to my dive buddy.. An epic experience flying along side the Giant Pacific Octopus as it searches for a mate in the beautifull Puget sound of Wa...More

Moto Trials Riding Through Giant Igloo - Tundra Trial

Dougie Lampkin brings the sport of Motorcycle Trials to the vast arctic landscape of Northern Finland, challenging himself on frozen obstacles and taking on a hotel made entirely of ice. _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the ...More

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