GoPro on a German Shepherd left home alone

What your dog does when you leave your home. I put my GoPro on our German Shepherd and we left to go to dinner. I cut out her running back and forth about 3 or 4 more times from the door to the windows while we were leaving and she was whining, but she always went back to the closet and her dog bed.

German Shepherd - dreaming and waking up

German Shepherd wakes up from deep sleep. German Shepherd waking up from deep sleep To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Indoor German Waterpark

This is so awesome it's almost hard to believe it's real — a massive indoor waterpark built inside of a German military blimp hanger.

WW2 justified by former German soldiers

Former Wehrmacht Soldiers Justify WW2 to a Young Dutch Women, Interesting Response. CLICK TO WATCH FULL DOCUMENTARY ONLINE: Winner of the prestigious peace award at the Film festival of the independent...More

80 mph / 130 km/h on German Autobahn is like standing still ;)

80 mph / 130 km/h on German Autobahn is like standing still. For my friends from the United States to see the speed on the German Autobahn ;) .

German Shepherd throws a fit when she has to quit swimming

German Shepherd throws a tantrum when she has to quit swimming. She got to keep swimming after her wonderful theatrical performance. No dogs' hearts were actually broken in the making of this video.

*** her right in the *** after world cup game in german TV

Fuck her right in the pussy heard on german TV. Fuck her right in the pussy.

German Shepherd Slow Motion Fall

My 11 Month old German Shepherd Attempting to Catch a Ball!. Max

German Climbing Team training, Stuntwerk 2014

German Climbing Team training, Stuntwerk 2014. First training of the German Climbing Team of the winter 2014/15 saison in Cologne's futuristic Stuntwerk bouldering gym. Deutscher Alpenverein Kletterkader (Jugend u. Bouldern) Training im Stuntwerk Köln. Routenbau von Niklas Wiechmann. Coaches: Udo N...More

Three German students surprise a homeless guy

Three German students surprise a homeless guy. Viele Menschen sind in Eile und hetzen durch ihren Alltag. Inmitten dieser Menschen ein Obdachloser, an dem alle vorbei laufen, ganz normal eben. Oder etwa nicht? // Video-Statement und Hintergründe zu diesem Clip: "Wir ko...More

German Words Translated 1:1 [Episode 1 - HANDSHOES]

German Words Translated 1:1. Handshoes? Iron-Train? seriously? wurst case scenario! german CAN be fun.. if you try really really hard! ✘ ✘ ✘

German designer Anke Domaske and her fashions made from milk | euromaxx

Anke Domaske is a 28 year old biologist and fashion designer who makes clothes from a very unusual fabric, milk yarn. She has come up with an easy and environmentally friendly way to extract fibres from milk and her designs are proving very successful.

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