Friendly Magpies, Kookaburras, Butcher Birds feeding session

Feeding the neighbours in Australia. Check out my other bird videos here: A typical feeding session for the local meat eating wildlife. Freddie (as in Mercury) is so called as he sings a lot. Magpies sing better than Crikey the kookaburra's Call....More

Feeding the Homeless - Prank It FWD

Homeless shelter becomes a 5-star restaurant for a night. Share this prank to raise money for charity! SUBSCRIBE! We pulled a HUGE surprise for about 50 homeless people, and it was awesome! :-) Behind the Scenes: S...More

Hand Feeding & Playing With A Friendly Platypus

Hand Feeding & Playing With A Friendly Platypus. This beautiful platypus loved playing in the water and loved a tickle! She was so friendly and ate food right out of my hand! There is only one place you can do this in the world and that's at Healesville Sanctuary.

Feeding my cat

Stop and Frisky- How a Reserve Officer feeds his cat before work. OC.

Feeding the sea lions!

Feeding the sea lions! - YouTube. After an awesome day of marlin and dorado fishing, we fed the rest of our bait fish to poncho the sea lion and his girlfriend.

Chameleon feeding frenzy

Chameleon Feeding Frenzy. Female veiled chameleon breeders feeding on super worms.

Feeding 9 Billion: Vertical Farming - Singapore

Feeding 9 Billion: Vertical Farming Singapore (a first look at the type of "farmscraper" which will become common in cities this century). For downloads and more information visit: In Singapore, the challenge of feeding a growing population is pushing t...More

Popping While Feeding Sheep Part 2

Who remembers the White nerdy boss dancing and shocking his employees? Here he is again being just as awesome.. Um... yeah. This is what you do while feeding sheep. Well... it is if you grew up in the Bay Area during the eighties. Check out my book: Check out my other vid...More

Rare Shark Feeding Frenzy at Cape Lookout National Seashore

On Thursday, October 8 at around noon, while at a retreat at Cape Lookout National Seashore off the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, the leaders of One Harbor Church witnessed a shark feeding frenzy. The men were out fishing for the evening’s dinner when they stumbled across more than 100 sharks a...More

AMAZING Cat Feeding Ducklings DAY 6

3 kittens + 3 duckies + 1 cat = EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!. Amazing footage on DAY 6 of the ducklings with their mother cat!! Track 'The Butterfly Song' by Harry Bird & The Rubber Wellies. Thanks for letting us use it! xx Filmed & edited by Maura Cunningham.

Fauna Marin LPS Coral Feeding

Incredible Video of Corals Feeding. Fauna Marin makes a line of dry foods designed for specific types of coral. In this video we take a look at their LPS formula and see which corals like it. Check out for information or if you want to buy corals for your reef tank. Ch...More

brian feeding a massive kangaroo

Dude feeds a buff Kangaroo. Jan and Brian in NSW Australia behind a mental hospital feeding wild kangaroos then a massive male comes along and wants a share. i pick up the camcorder and video Brian. I was very impressed. I've only seen the big red kangaroos grow to that size... this one was somethin...More

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