How to survive in a free falling elevator - Lonely Planet

How to survive in a free falling elevator. The gravity of the situation is clear – and yes, it’s going to hurt. But what are a few broken bones when the alternative is plummeting to your doom? --- Got a nifty survival tip of your own? Tell us on Twit...More

People Falling At Disneyland

A compilation of people falling over at Disneyland. People Falling At Disneyland

Kitten tries to save owner's hand from falling out of the window

Kitten gets nervous and tries to save owner's had from falling out of the window.. Kitten tries to save owner's hand from falling out of the window

Waffle falling over

Waffle falling over.

Scaffolding Falling Off Building Downtown Portland.

This is how windy it is in Portland, OR. This was sent to me by my son who is in Portland celebrating his bachelor party.

Mike Ditka Falling Asleep on ESPN

Mike Ditka Falling Asleep on ESPN (0:09). Come on Man! Ditka falling asleep on ESPN NFL Countdown.

Waffle Falling Over (Breaking Bad)

Waffle Falling Over (Breaking Bad Edition).

Falling Down [1993] Hamburger Scene

A scene for the ages: Michael Douglas arrives at a fast food restaurant a few minutes late for breakfast, but really isn't in the mood for a burger. From Falling Down (1993).. Storyline: An unemployed defense worker frustrated with the various flaws he sees in s...More

Former Foster Child Shares Her Story: My Sky Is Falling

By the time foster child, Lydia Joyner, was 18 years old, she had lived in 35 different homes, had 18 social workers, and had her name changed 4 times. In this emotional episode of Epiphany, Lydia, now an adult, opens up about her traumatic experience navigating the foster care system. Recently, Ly...More

Building falling apart during danish storm Near Accident

A friend just captured this near accident earlier. Damage to the building i live in Denmark see the women not even taking notice

Waffle Falling Over V2

Waffle Falling Over [FIXED]. I don't know. Original is here: Thanks, schnooleheletteletto.

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