Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Visual Effects Scene Breakdown - Falcon Escapes Jakku

This is a visual effects breakdown of the sequence in "The Force Awakens" where Rey & Finn escape Jakku in the Millennium Falcon. The sequence was captured on the IMAX format, shooting in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Practical effects were used where possible, including explosions. Once the Falcon takes fli...More

Weapons of Mass Instruction: A 1979 Ford Falcon Converted in a Tank Armored with 900 Free Books

More on Colossal:

SpaceX Falcon 9-R Dev1 Explosion

SpaceX's Falcon rocket explodes!. An anomaly occurred during a test flight of SpaceX's Falcon 9-R Dev1 rocket at their development site in McGregor, Texas. The Flight Termination System ended the mission as it was designed to. More information to follow. Statement from SpaceX:

Ford Falcon Funny Banned Commercial Frogs Toads Australia 2012 - Carjam TV HD Car TV Show 2013

Whenever this Ad comes up on TV, I stop whatever I am doing, to watch it one more time. Aussie Advertisement at its best.. CARJAM TV - Subscribe Here Now Like Us Now On Facebook: For The World's Best Car Videos Website: ...More

Discoveries From the Inside - Millennium Falcon and Asteroids

Learn how the original design for the Millennium Falcon wasn’t the hamburger-shaped spacecraft we all know and love. Instead, it was a long, thin vehicle that was deemed too close in design to a ship seen in the iconic television show, Space: 1999. The Star Wars Digital Movie Collection is avail...More

RC Millennium Falcon - First mission

► LOCATION & DATE : In a galaxy far far away. January 2015 ► FILMED WITH : A quadcopter: Prophecy 335 (custom frame, carbon and aluminium) Motors : T-Motors 2208-18 1100kV Speed controllers : T-Motors T30A Propellers : HQprop 8x4.5SF Battery: LiPo 4S-1800mAh Flight controller : Naza v1 Radi...More

Custom Namiki Falcon, Part 2

Calligraphy writing. Pen: Namiki Falcon, resin, custom ground (extra fine with added flexibility) by nibmeister John Mottishaw Inks: Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo, Iroshizuku Yama Budo, Noodler's Black, Noodler's Apache Sunset Paper: Bristol board, Leuchtturm1917 dot grid notebook This pen can be found at...More

Custom Namiki Falcon Resin Fountain Pen HD

Flexy fountain pen [x-post from ASMR]. Custom Namiki Falcon Resin Fountain Pen modified by John Mottishaw The ink is Iroshizuku Tsuki-uo Night Sky (Greenish Deep Blue) which shades wonderfully.

Falcon DayZRP - Hostage sings a song to save his life. (Frank Perry)

DayZ player sings a song to save his life (song starts at 3:44) - [6:08].

Falcon Heavy | Flight Animation

SpaceX Animation of Falcon Heavy flight and booster recovery. Falcon Heavy is the world’s most powerful rocket, a launch vehicle of scale and capability unequaled by any other currently flying.

Gee Atherton gets hunted by a Peregrine Falcon

Is RedBull ever going to run out of ideas?. Watch the Birdcam: Watch Behind the Scenes: Downhill mountain bike legend, Gee Atherton, is hunted by the fastest bird in the world, a peregrine falcon. Set in the epic landscape of Antur Stiniog, No...More

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