Rocky's Printer - Eye of the tiger on a dot matrix printer [HD]

Dot matrix printer plays "Eye of the Tiger". How would rocky's printer be? Like this! Hear "Eye of the Tiger" from Survivor on a dot matrix printer! Eye of the Tiger by Survivor published in 1981 was part of the Rocky III soundtrack.

Fish Eye Lens

Homestarrunnerdotcom just updated and added a new toon the the site. Fish Eye Lens.. Strong Bad makes a new #1 jam with the help of Coach Z...and a fish-eye lens.


This skit was banned from an Irish sketch show by the national broadcaster.. Ireland's President for Life keeps Wild Nuns in her backgarden who are besotted with her Gardener. This sketch was filmed for the Love episode in series four of the Savage Eye but was not broadcast.

Eye Of The Dot Matrix

Here is a classic cover of Survivor's hit song "Eye of the Tiger", performed by what is thought to be an Alps 2000 model dot-matrix printer. A truly genius interpretation.

"Eye Of The Tiger" on Piano with BOXING GLOVES!

"It sounds like if you played a piano with boxing gloves" Well, the internet delivers, as usual. PIANO CHALLENGE SERIES ROUND 1! Gustav plays "Eye of the Tiger" on Piano with BOXING GLOVES visit the channel for more!

Eye know

The streetlight which lights up the city. The light draws various form. Independent Film Project Directed by Hiroshi Kondo ( Sound by Ayako Taniguchi (

Eye with Love written in it

My moms blood vessel that spells love in her eye. A blood vessel in my moms eye spells Love

Peek - portable eye examination kit

Peek is a portable eye examination kit, that uses smartphone technology to examine eye health and diagnose a variety of eye conditions. It can be used in remote locations and is helping patients receive effective treatment quickly.

The Eye of Hell

The Eye of Hell - Macro photography of Ferrofluid. Filmed on a Phantom 4K Flex

Keep an eye on battery life

Quadcopter battery life fail. This was my second flight with the DJI Phantom 2. I wasn't paying attention to the battery life and almost gave it a nice bath in Green Lake.

Resolution Of The Eye

You can't get any more HD than your eyeballs. Here's some science to explain from Vsauce.

Eye Piece

Eye test. Work in progress made with Lightwave, Sculptris and a smattering of Krita. Music by me.

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