Unreal Engine 4 【Retro Arcade Game Room】 i7 4770K GTX 780Ti 【1080p 60 Fps】

a retro arcade game room. (free Download in comments). Download Retro Game Room with 50+ playable Games: http://digitalcybercherries.com/ GPU: EVGA GTX 780 Ti 1200 / 3850 Mhz CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K 4.5 Ghz DDR: 8 GB G.SKILL Sniper Series MB: ASRock Z87 Extreme 4 SSD: San Disk Ultra 120GB HDD: W...More

XCOR 5M15 Methane Engine

This is a methane rocket. Those are shock diamonds.. XCOR partnered with ATK and NASA to develop this prototype 'green' LOX/Methane engine as an option for a new lunar ascent module as well as a demonstrator for launch systems that could one day acquire fuel off-planet using methane deposits on othe...More

The man behind the smallest V-12 engine in the world (English subtitles)

José Manuel Hermo Barreiro, "Patelo", is a pensioner from Galicia (Spain). He's a retired naval mechanic and he has built the smallests engines in the world. This is his story. Source: http://www.noticias.lainformacion.com/ciencia-y-tecnologia/ciencias-general/en-el-taller-de-patelo-nunca-pense-q...More

[Mashup] Thomas the Tank Engine x Childish Gambino - Thomas the Bonfire

Childish Gambino and Thomas the Tank Engline. Songs: Thomas the Tank Engine theme song Childish Gambino - Bonfire I do not own the rights of either of the songs used.

UNREAL PARIS - Virtual Tour - Unreal Engine 4

Welp, we achieved photorealism in a videogame - Unreal Engine 4. ----------------------------------- - UNREAL PARIS - VIRTUAL TOUR ----------------------------------- This is a personal project and no benefit is derived from this demonstration. ========== CREDITS: ========== Epic: https://www.unrea...More

Airbus A340 EMERGENCY - Engine Failure

Plane loses an engine during the filming of a TV show.. --- subtitles now available --- ►►► annotations must be enabled! Auf dem Weg von Zürich nach Shanghai wurde während des Fluges eine erhöhte Öl Temperatur in Triebwerk Nummer 3 festgestellt. Der Flug musste abgebrochen werden, eine Si...More

HEAT2X Engine closeup at 240fps - Watch our LAST GoPro HERO3 survive the inferno of a rocket engine.

This video features recordings at 240 frames per second from a GoPro HERO3 camara that survived the HEAT2X engine test. For more information on the project visit www.copsub.com

Blackstone oil engine startup

Blackstone oil engine startup. 1909 10HP Blackstone oil engine was used for pumping water from a river to a market garden. The engine was sabotaged in the 1920s by someone blowing up the cylinder with explosives. A new cylinder was installed and the engine was returned to service for a number of yea...More

Porsche 911 Engine Plant Assembly Line

Porsche 911 Engine Plant, Assembly Line Zuffenhausen Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/myDriftFun?sub_confirmation=1

Squeezing a 600cc engine in to a Tuk Tuk (Far Cry 4)

Squeezing a 600cc engine in to a Tuk Tuk. So to celebrate the release of Far Cry 4 i thought i'd take something in the game and make it a reality which is driving a Tuk Tuk and shooting stuff but it seemed a waste to leave the wimpy 150cc moped engine in it so here we have a nice CBR600 100bhp lump ...More

New Rocket Engine Burns Wax & Laughing Gas | Video

NASA's Peregrine Hybrid rocket. That sound it makes right before it fires.... NASA's Peregrine Hybrid Sounding Rocket motor was hot-fire tested at Ames Research Center on Nov. 12, 2013. It uses paraffin-based fuel and nitrous oxide as the oxidizer for highly efficient combustion. (looped)

Dropped into a turbine engine

Dropped into a turbine engine. Rare opportunity to demonstrate a sound that no turbine tech wants to hear... ever! If you want to hear an experimental dubstep composition using this sound, check out http://soundcloud.com/skenik and listen to "Ghost Turbine" If you like something subterranea...More

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