LIVE FOOTAGE during Kathmandu Earthquake - Pokhara, Nepal on 25 April 2015

I'm in Nepal--we were jamming some music with a GoPro on when the earthquake hit today.. I'd say the result is entertaining at the least. Our jam session may have brought the mountain down. Live footage of the earthquake in Nepal. Its epicenter was Kathmandu, so we were about 200km away, but the mo...More

Just Your Average Boston Morning Commute During Snowpocalypse

Your Average Boston Commute (X-Post from r/boston). A car on its side in the middle of the road isn't stopping anyone. More at

One-Winged Angel, solo church organ, during service

Guy plays One Winged Angel (Sephiroths theme) on the organ... during church service. Me playing One-Winged Angel (FF7, as if you didn't know already) on the organ at my old chruch, DURING SERVICE. For those of you who watched me do Dancing Mad with all the screwups, this time I fackin nailed it. N...More

Two stray dogs get separated during the rescue - see what happens next and please share.

To make a small donation and help us save more lives, please visit: To adopt Aurora & Anna, please visit: If you are blocked from watching this video, please click here: This rescue was much harder than it shows... g...More

Man Catcalls Women During Anti-Catcalling Report

Man Catcalls Women During Anti-Catcalling Report (x-post from r/cringe). Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) heads out to cover the new anti-catcalling signs popping up around New York. He finds a man who believes cat calling is a sure-fire way to pick up women. Subscribe to our channel: http://www.yo...More

When Wild GAINT PYTHON ATTACK ! During Interview

Python attacks, guy laughs. Jay Brewer knows what he's doing, but does he really? Who else would let 60 feet and over 600lb of abnormally wild reticulated Pythons bite him ? WOW that's reality! Things do not always go right! What do you think about this video?

Guy Drops A "Deez Nuts" During Interview On People's Court

D's nuts. There are very few things music fans can agree on, but everyone recognizes that Dr. Dre's "Deeez Nuuuts" is the greatest rap skit ever. Hell, I'd even go so far as to say it might be the greatest intro to ANY song ever. It gave people named Dee all over the world hope, hope that one day th...More

Hamferð - Deyðir varðar (live during the solar eclipse in The Faroe Islands, March 20th 2015)

Video and music recorded live on March 20th 2015 during the total eclipse above the village of Kvívík in The Faroe Islands. Video by Kenneth Jørgensen (Phenexus Productions) Audio by Theodor Kapnas (Studio Bloch) The original version of this song can be found here:

Port City Sound performing during a flight delay! #usairways

Barbershop quartet performing during a flight delay. Our flight to New Orleans today was delayed for maintenance AFTER we had boarded (I'm a flight attendant). I started talking to the passengers and realized we had a barbershop quartet in our presence. I asked them to sing and most of the passenge...More

5 Comebacks For Your Racist Relative During The Holidays

SUBSCRIBE to Chescaleigh! TWEET this video FACEBOOK this video • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The Staggerinly High –And Shockingly Under-Reported– Rate Of White On White ...More

Fake questions at the catwalks during Milano Fashion Week

How to not answer the question at fashion week. Bloggers, stylists, designers e aficionados… "exactly" is the new black!

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