The Wild West of Drone Racing

Civilian drone technology has outpaced government regulations, as Amanda Ripley explains in her Atlantic story, "Playing Defense Against the Drones." What are the pressures that drone enthusiasts feel to cultivate their love of flying robots responsibly? We went inside the world of drone-racers to g...More

SHEP the Drone - Worlds first Drone Sheepdog

Irish farmer uses drone to herd sheep. Watch the sheepdog of the future Shep the Drone as he moves sheep from one field to another. Filmed by Paul Brennan in Carlow Ireland. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email .

Crazed Woman Attacks Boy Flying Drone

Crazy woman attacks a kid for flying his drone.. heres a video of a crazy woman attacking a guy flying a small drone, she calls the cops on him, then proceeds to beat him. He actually got arrested then the cops saw his video and she got arrested. I guess they didn't notice the ripped shirt and marks...More

My first day with my drone (Love Edition - Whitney Houston Recut)

My first day with my drone (Whitney Houston recut). All Credits of the original footage belong to "Zwier Spanjer": Licensing of the original clip is For Copyright-Issues please contact me and i will deactivate this video. Channel: https://w...More

KATSU Drone Drawing 2015 on Kendall Jenner

This video documents the execution of KATSU's Drone Drawing 2015. Location: Kendall Jenner's face, Calvin Klein Jeans billboard, East Houston St, NYC.

Watch NBC’s Amazing Drone Video Above the Majestic, Frozen Niagara Falls | NBC Nightly News

The ice encasing the Niagara Falls, which has drawn in visitors from all over, isn't expected to melt entirely until May. Drone footage captures this rare and beautiful occurrence. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News...More

#CowArt with a drone

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER- LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK- I fly a drone over our cattle while I try my hand at Cow Art with the feed truck. CoPilot: Kyle Riesen

My first day with my drone

My first day with my drone.. couldn't have gone any better!. after a whole day of flying my new DJI phantom 2 without any problems this happened because the battery was depleted...

Chimpansees halen drone naar beneden en filmen elkaar!

Chimp is not a fan of drones.. De chimpansees van Koninklijke Burgers’ Zoo hebben in de ochtend van vrijdag 10 april 2015 weer eens bewezen hoe intelligent ze zijn. Voor het tweede seizoen van televisieprogramma Burgers’ Zoo Natuurlijk stonden vandaag opnames met een drone gepland, waarmee spect...More

Messenger drone brings cigarettes, better than my dog

Drone cigarette express delivery. The best use of a drone ever!

Auschwitz: Drone video of Nazi concentration camp

Auschwitz: Drone video of Nazi concentration camp [2:32]. Drone video shows the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp as it is today - 70 years after it was liberated by Soviet troops. The camp in Poland is now maintained as a World Heritage Site and is visited by thousands of tourists and survivors...More

Narkis sykler over drone på TV2 direkte sending

Junkie aims for and crashes into drone on live TV. Narkoman/Hipster sykler over drone/multicopter på TV2 God Morgen direkte sending. Dette er den nye versjonen uten sorte kanter rundt.

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