Celebrating one of cinema's most unique anti-heroes on TAXI DRIVER's 40th anniversary year. A video essay by Jacob T. Swinney. More at

Hit-and-Run Driver Causes Accident, Removes Tag, Flees Scene, all Caught on Dashcam

Guy ran into my car last month and fled. Unfortunately for him, it was all recorded.. Driver pulls off shoulder and stops in middle of traffic causing accident. He then pulls over to shoulder in front of me, but only to remove his tag and flee the scene.

Driver cuts off cyclists and then goes full road rage

Car cuts off cyclist and goes into full road rage asshole.. In San Francisco on February 26th on Geary and Webster. The helmet-mounted wide-angle 170-degree lens does not do the speed we were traveling or the proximity of the vehicle justice. My front tire actually made contact with the van as I w...More

Your Wishes Delivered: Driver for a Day

4-Year Old's dream of being a UPS driver comes true (x-post /r/UpliftingNews). 4-year-old Carson developed a friendship with his UPS driver, Mr. Ernie, when he began receiving shipments of special milk. Carson has become fascinated by all things UPS. He wishes to be just like his pal, so UPS made Ca...More

Reporter attacked by taxi driver - Prague vs. Crooks #7

What happens when you try to deal with crooked Taxi drivers in Prague.

Golf Cart With No Driver at Loyola U. Chicago

A golf cart with no driver went rampant on my University's campus this morning. Driverless golf cart goes in reverse at full throttle for several minutes before being stopped by campus police. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Motorcyclist Startles Driver For Running Red Light

Motorcyclist Startles Driver For Running Red Light. I hate when I stop at a light that's clearly been red for a few seconds, and someone blows right through. Makes me wonder if the guy would have seen me had he been behind me. But I didn't mean to give him a heart attack!

Calgary's Worst Driver

Calgary's Worst Driver. Beware Calgary: the worst parking ever. The man in green top is the owner of red car. He helped the driver of silver BMW without knowing that she damaged his car before he arrived. She drew away without saying anything.

BMW X5 Driver Brake Check A 40-Tonne Truck

BMW X5 Driver Brake Check A 40-Tonne Truck. When a 40-tonne truck moves into the fast lane to overtake, a BMW X5 driver undertakes, dangerously cuts in front, then brake checks violently.

Crazy PEI Driver

Just seen this posted on my Facebook. "Don't let your son drive your Porsche.".. Just cause you have a nice car doesn't make you a good driver. Don't let your son drive your Porsche!

Palace Pizza Delivery Driver Jarrid Tansey Talks About His Viral Celebrity Status

Interview with The Pizza Guy that was harassed by F&R Auto. Took a drive by Palace Pizza in North Dartmouth, and decided to stop in to see if Jarrid Tansey was working, to get his feedback on what's happened this past week. Becoming known worldwide over a matter of $7 dollars. He was deliver...More

ДТП на портовке А105 Домодедово - жесть, водитель погиб / Awful road accident, driver

Car flies off the road... and a body somehow comes sliding back. ДТП произошло 27 октября в 00:30 ночи. Автодорога А105 от Москвы до аэропорта Домодедово, в сторону Москвы, после проезда моста через ...More

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