Lil Jon vs. Double Dream Feet

Lil Jon vs. Double Dream Feet. A legend in hip hop meets a legend in children's music. Song: 'Throw It Up' by Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz Video: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purpos...More

Friday Freakout: Altitude Awareness Fail, Double Cypres Fire

Skydivers lost track of their altitude and almost slam on the ground. is the #1 source for skydiving & BASE videos. _______________ If you can’t be bothered to check your alti at least once or don’t notice ground rush below 1,000 feet, then you should sell your ...More

Double Head Kick - Jackass

Double Head Kick - Jackass 3.5. Follow me on Twitter - @JosephPSimpson Dave England double head kicks Bam Magera in Jackass 3.5!

The Original Double Slit Experiment

The double slit experiment. Light is so common that we rarely think about what it really is. But just over two hundred years ago, a groundbreaking experiment answered the question that had occupied physicists for centuries. Is light made up of waves or particles? The experiment was conducted by Tho...More

VW Passat, 360 grieziens, 4X4 passat double.

Latvian engineering. Custom made VW passat double. Entuziastu roku darbs. Motori 1,8 benzīns un 2,0 benzīns. Vēl nav pabeigts, turpinājums sekos.

Kendrick Lamar vs Double Dream Feet

The whitest man on earth dancing to Kendrick. Song :Kendrick Lamar-m.A.A.d city (feat MC Eiht) Video: Double Dream Feet

David After Dentist Double Rainbow Oh My God!

Internet memes collide when Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, and Seth Rogen combine

World's First Superman Double Backflip On A Mountain Bike

During a show on the Nirto Circus World Tour, Ethen Godfrey Roberts breaks every law of physics when he lands the world's first Superman double backflip on a mountain bike.

The Angel Rice The All Star Games 5 double twists 4 lines HOLY CRAP! We love Angel Rice!

Beast mode activated!. Angel Rice is a tank. 5 double twists, 4 passes. You know, she's just hanging out waiting to go on for Crowning ceremony at The All Star Games. She be crazy!

Double Boxing Fail

Boxing Fail. ORIGINAL "Punch the Bag FAIL" VIDEO UPLOADED BY: McFrankenMuffin Show the Ladies How to Punch

SOCHI 2014 - Speed Skating Double Dash Final

SOCHI 2014 - Speed Skating Double Dash Final. Men's 500 metre In Sochi's Baby Park Stadium. Created by Michael Shanks Commentary by Michael Shanks and Nicholas Issell Featuring Nicholas Colla and a Banana Special Thanks to Chris Hocking and Louie McNamara Follow me at

How To, Batman! - How to Explain the Difference Between a McDouble and a Double Cheeseburger

Batman shows us the difference between a McDouble and a Double Cheeseburger.. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE BATMAN! THUMBS UP IF YOU ORDER OFF THE DOLLAR MENU! In this episode of HOW TO, BATMAN! Batman teaches you how the intricacies in design that differentiate the $1 McDouble and the $1.29 Premium Pricing o...More

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