George Clooney Doesn't Need Words

Acting is reacting. Film List: Return To Horror High (1987) Return Of The Killer Tomatoes (1988) From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) One Fine Day (1996) Batman & Robin (1997) The Peacemaker (1997) Out Of Sight (1998) Three Kings (1999) O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) The Perfect Storm (2000)...More

Why Doesn't Britain Have Rabies?

Why Britain doesn't have rabies. - - In 1993, the New York Times called rabies a "shared national nightmare" for Britain. For younger viewers, and those outside the UK -- say anyone who doesn't remember the Channel Tunnel opening -- "rabies" may just b...More

Irish Mammy Doesn't Understand Ice Bucket Challenge

Irish Mammy Doesn't Understand Ice Bucket Challenge. With ALS ice bucket challenges sweeping the internet, Ben Storey’s brother Keith was keen to join in. However, he didn’t fully explain the challenge to their mother, Ann. Storyful is a news agency that supplies verified UGC to news clients an...More

YouTube Doesn't Know Your Password

YouTube Doesn't Know Your Password (An explanation). - @tomscott - A brief introduction to password hashing for the uninitiated -- and why you should never trust a site that emails your password back to you!

Data doesn't do April Fools

Data doesn't do April Fools.



Lazy Vizsla really doesn't like mornings...

Dog is awoken by alarm clock, and reacts about the same as a human in the morning. Oscar the vizsla being woken up by the alarm on Easter Monday. Watch Oscar the Vizsla's reaction in the new video here: To licence this video please email

Sadie doesn't want her brother to grow up

Little girl devastated that baby brother must grow up. Typical struggles of a 5 year-old

Russian ice fishing doesn't go planned

Russian ice fishing doesn't go planned.

UEFA Because football doesn't matter. Money does.

Legia Warsaw brilliant display against UEFA. Oprawa przygotowana na Żylecie podczas meczu Legia Warszawa - FK Aktobe. * * * Ultra show presented by Legia Warsaw Fans on Europa League match Legia vs FC Aktobe. Clear message: UEFA = PIG 6 more than 1... Because football doesn'...More

Cement truck doesn't give a fuck

Cement truck doesn't give a fuck. This lady cut off a cement truck and I watched him rear end her. When I noticed that neither vehicle came to a stop after the accident I started to record...

Comcast Doesn't Give A F*ck

Is there any company in the world give less fucks...?. Subscribe now: A heartfelt message to you from Comcast regarding their upcoming merger with Time Warner. Get more Funny Or Die ------------------------------- Like FOD on Facebook:...More

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