Stanley Kubrick : The Lost Tapes (Full Documentary)

A short documentary about the early life and feature films of the great Stanley Kubrick, as narrated by himself. The narration was pulled from interviews that took place in 1966 with Jeremy Bernstein. Bernstein was writing a profile on the director and used these recordings as a chance to gather inf...More

Stress, Portrait of a Killer - Full Documentary (2008)

my artworks: other awesome, more in depth Sapolsky presentations:

The Soda Parlor Documentary

Olan Rogers Soda Parlor.. motivating as hell. The first to place the next. Thanks so much to everyone who had been following this whole thing and that didn't give up on me. Were planning a month long Thank You event at The Soda Parlor in the summer called "Summer Nights" it's all free a...More

GTA 5 Wildlife Documentary | Into The Deep

Someone made a nature documentary in GTA 5. Titled Into the deep.. For the first time, Chaney555 brings you an up close and intimate look in to the animals and plant life that live in the waters of GTA 5. This nature documentary will demonstrate the behaviors of some of the most remarkable mammals...More


Going To Prison For Being Poor. Private probation companies charge excessive fees to low income people who can't pay small fines like traffic tickets. If they can't pay, they go to jail. SUBSCRIBE: HOST A SCREENING: http://www.braven...More

Sneakerheadz Documentary Trailer Support our FanBacked campaign to launch this documentary film! Come check us out at SXSW in March! To Rock or Stock? Sneakerheads will do almost anything to get their hands on a unique pair of kicks, going to such extreme lengths as hiding in trash cans to score a...More

Panorama Apple's Broken Promises 2014 HD Chinese Worker -Anti-Apple BBC documentary 2014

Panorama Apple's Broken Promises 2014 HD Chinese Worker -Anti-Apple BBC documentary 2014. Panorama - Apple's Broken Promises Apple is the most valuable brand on the planet, making products that everyone wants - but how are its workers treated when the world isn't looking? IF you want to watch bett...More

Suppression of pro-marijuana documentary "The Culture High".

[x-post from trees]The pro-marijuana documentary "The Culture High" is currently being suppressed on Reddit - here is a video explaining how and why. - [2:41]. http://...More

The Making of Star Wars - 1977 Documentary

The story behind the making of "Star Wars: A New Hope", the 1977 epic film which launched one of the most successful sagas of all time. This TV special, the first ever Star Wars documentary, was hosted by C-3PO and R2-D2 and narrated by William Conrad, with appearances by George Lucas, Mark Hamill,...More

Cyber-Seniors Official Trailer (2014) - People & Technology Documentary HD

Cyber-Seniors Trailer, documentary that follows a group of seniors as they discover the wonders of the world-wide-web with the help of their teenage mentors. [2:34]. Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Subscribe to INDIE TRAILERS:

Cavedigger Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Short Documentary HD

Man spends a decade carving out sculptures in the walls of a New Mexican sandstone cave.. Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Subscribe to INDIE TRAILERS: Like us on FACEBOOK: Cavedigger Official Traile...More

Hollywood Documentary Award: Johnny Depp Presents

CBS cuts off drunk Johnny Depp at awards ceremony.. Johnny Depp Presents the Hollywood Documentary Award.

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