Stephen Hawking Jokes That 'Zayn Is Still In One Direction'

Stephen Hawking Jokes That 'Zayn Is Still In One Direction' Stephen Hawking Jokes That 'Zayn Is Still In One Direction' Stephen Hawking Jokes That 'Zayn Is Still In One Direction' Legendary physicist Stephen Hawking says there might be an alternate universe where Zayn is still in One Direction 'O...More

Pop Music Poetry • One Direction • Steal My Girl

Spoken word One Direction song shows how creepy the song really is. Original Song Video doesn't release until Friday. I'll update the thumb and this link then. Thanks to Mike and Kari for shooting the b-roll with me. My Other Channel

One Direction: Fancrowd mistakes us for One Direction.

Crazy fancrowd mistakes us for One Direction. The boyband one direction stayed at the same hotel as us during a stay in Milano at the Hotel Principe De Savioa. The crazy fancrowd of about 3-400 girls took my and my colleague for two of the guys in the band and of course we had to play games with the...More

Opposite Direction Boeing 747 Traffic

A pilot's perspective of head-on traffic [x-post r/aviation]. here's a B747 passing our aircraft opposite direction over Europe

One Direction - Story Of My Life (shred) by SamRick

One Direction without auto-tune.. Here is our next shred of One Direction! Hope you like it! iTunes: We will continue to upload these videos, so if you have requests for any songs we should do, put them in the comments below. ...More

What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction Parody! Key of Awesome #57

Best Parody ever. One Direction Parody! See the original- See Behind the Scenes- Check out our second Channel! Subscribe to Awesome! Written By Mark Douglas, Todd Womack, Bryan Olse...More

Jimmy Fallon, One Direction & The Roots: "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" (Classroom Instruments)

One Direction stops by the Tonight Show Music Room to perform "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town." Instrument list below. Jimmy Fallon - wood block, Casio keyboard Harry - kazoo, bass drum Niall - banana shaker Louis - tambourine Liam - coconuts Zayn - triangle Questlove - hand clackers Mark Kelley - F...More

The Wrong Direction • Passenger (featuring Dom Scott)

Kid sings 'The Wrong Direction' with Passenger while busking.. Degraves Street (Melbourne) • 17 March 2013 Please watch in HD.

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (5 Piano Guys, 1 piano) - ThePianoGuys

5 guys, 1 piano. Probably the best use of a piano I've ever seen.. Download this song from our website: Download this song on iTunes: Wanna look beautiful? :-...More

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