FilmFuns #4: Groundhog Day has one tiny flaw

This is how Rita would have lived Groundhog Day. (Just a note, this is a nitpick for fun, Groundhog Day is an exceptionally good film that everyone should see.) What follows is the accompaniment to the upcoming PSYC podcast on Groundhog Day which explores the relationship between Rita and Phil a...More

The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133

Free Audio Book ⇒ ⇐ (I really do love the Commander's book!) Tweet ⇒ ⇐ Post to FB⇒ Comment threads on Reddit: (Bicycling) My Instagram account: P...More

Record Store Day b/w B-est of B-sides

Homestar Runner: Record Store Day b/w B-est of B-sides. Strong Sad camps out for sloshy's most obscure release to date.

Game of Brands: TV Ads for a Modern Day Game of Thrones

All clips from All music from Check out the blog post associated with this video here: For all of the clips used in these videos, check out the Game of Brands cli...More

@Summit1g Bombing My Twitch (Best Day Of My Life)

Popular CS:GO streamer tells his viewers to go to a WoW streamer who is battling cancer's stream, and gives him the best day of his life (x-post r/GlobalOffensive). Follow My Twitch: Follow My Twitter: Summit has to be the coolest dude...More

#SetintheStreet Valentines Day Proposal

I teamed up with this stranger to help him with his proposal.. View all images from the project at // Special Thanks: Aneesh Chaganty and Juan Sebastian Baron Music by Torin Borrowdale Congrats to the recently engaged couple!!

World-first Reverse April Fool’s Day joke by BMW.

BMW's April Fools Prank. Have you ever wondered what would happen if something that sounded too good to be true actually turned out to be real - especially on April 1? For one New Zealander, daring to dream big on April Fool’s Day paid off handsomely this morning. #nofool #nzbmw

Star Trek's Tim Russ Explains Star Wars Day | by Pocketwatch

What is a Star Wars Day? Star Trek: Voyager's Tim Russ explains everything you wanted to know about The Star Wars and the power of The Fourth. May The Fourth Be With You! Subscribe: Check out more videos from POCKETWATCH:

R2-D2 brightens boy's day at Star Wars Celebration

At Star Wars Celebration a child in a wheelchair plays with a fan made R2-D2 unit.. R2-D2 unit from R2-D2 builder's club making young boy in a wheelchair happy.

Cousin Sal Gives Away A Car for April Fool’s Day

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Away A Car for April Fool’s Day. As part of Chevy’s Best Day Ever campaign, Cousin Sal gave a new car to a very worthy recipient. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Watch the latest Halloween Candy Prank: Watc...More

How to FLY A SPACESHIP to the SPACE STATION - Smarter Every Day 131

Scott is in quarantine right now. Tweet him and see if he replies! Check out his Instagram: ⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊ More info Below ⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊ Please consider following Scott on both Instagram and Twitter. This will probably be NASA's measure of ...More

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