Hit-and-Run Driver Causes Accident, Removes Tag, Flees Scene, all Caught on Dashcam

Guy ran into my car last month and fled. Unfortunately for him, it was all recorded.. Driver pulls off shoulder and stops in middle of traffic causing accident. He then pulls over to shoulder in front of me, but only to remove his tag and flee the scene.

Slappey High Speed Chase - ADDU Dashcam

High Speed Chase - ADDU Dashcam (x-post from r/Roadcam). The FOX 31 Newscast is Albany, Georgia's only 10PM local newscast. For more local stories around Southwest Georgia, visit www.mysouthwestga.com. Visit us on Facebook at facebook.com/WFXLTV. Check out FOX 31 WFXL on Twitter @WFXL. Meet all o...More

Insurance Scam Foiled by Dashcam

South Cali - Insurance Scam Foiled by Dashcam. Unfortunately, I had accidentally deleted the original and have instead the short version which was sent to the PD. Since I have this case over with, I thought it would be ok to share it now. I can't stress how invaluable it is to have a dashcamera, it ...More

Dashcam Crash

Why you shouldn't point your wheels into oncoming traffic when waiting to turn.. My double crunch accident as seen from my dashcsm

Just ordinary day of dashcam in Russia

Russian Dashcam Compilation 2014 ** Extreme Action **. Car crash compilation of 2014 year from http://ru-chp.livejournal.com. No hardcore graphical footage - no pedestrians and motocycles ( only two and not fatal ). Be safe on the road. p.s. Sorry for video quality, i wish source was be better....More

San Francisco Dashcam: A Trip Down Market Street - 1906 Educational Documentary - WDTVLIVE42

San Francisco dashcam circa 1906. San Francisco's main thoroughfare, Market Street, is a hive of activity in this 1906 "dashcam" style movie. The trip was filmed from the front of a cable car, and shows horse drawn and motorised traffic weaving between the cable cars & horse drawn trams, often n...More

Dashcam Footage of Cottonwood, AZ WalMart Brawl With Police

A good ol' fashioned Walmart brawl. Eight officers and a Walmart employee were assaulted in a Cottonwood parking lot Saturday night in a fight that left one suspect dead, another wounded and seven in custody, officials said.

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